Nov 9, 2008
apperently the Q6600 is really good for overclocking but cant seem to get mine to overclock atall everytime it trys to load it crashes even with a small overclock is there anything i can do? system specs 4GB RAM 800mhz (not linked to FSB) 2x8800 GTS 512 MB 750 watt PSU 680i foxconn N68S7AA-8EKRS2H
Did you make sure your memory did not in fact increase with the FSB? try to lower it to 533 before overclocking.

Have you increased the CPU voltage, Try 1.325.

Nvidia 680i chipsets are not the best overclockers for quad cores, in fact early ones did not even OC quads at all.


Sep 3, 2007
9x 1333 will never work. You need 9x 333.

Do the math. 9x 1333= 11.997
9x333= 2.997

333 quad pumped = 1333. You are confused. I recommend reading the overclock sticky a time or two more, until you understand it.

If you had a typo, and infact did 333x9, your motherboard is a piece of crap. All 680i board are, especially with quad cores.


Oct 20, 2008
on my nforce (asus 650i) i must set the FSB to oc.

its like this:


i set it to 1600 (=400 for commun oc) and mult is x9 so i get 3.6
and mem is LINK 1:1 = 800mem timing 4-4-4-12 1T. (havnt tried lower yet)

My nForce bios is kinda weird if you compare it to a P45 bios. its 2 world ...


Dec 18, 2006
First of all not all 680i SLI boards where "crap". What they were was prone to two problems that could be overcome: 1 - FSB holes and 2 - fairly high voltage drooping with quads when OC'ed. Depending on how old your 680i board is your overclock may be limited to 3.2Ghz as this was a known issue with early release boards and Quad core CPU's. Evga released an A1 version of the 680i SLI mobo's that overcame this problem but early boards hit a wall at about 3.2Ghz with Quads, not Duals.

Make sure your mem is unlinked and try setting your multiplier to 8X and your FSB you can raise and lower from 375 to 400 (375x8 = 3000) 3Ghz, (400x8=3200) 3.2Ghz. (your FSB may be displayed in multiple of 4X, like 375x4=1500)

If you have good cooling 400x8 at 3.2Ghz is the sweet spot because your memory at 800Mhz unlinked is perfectly timed. Leave the mem timings alone until you get solid stability on the CPU. Than you can try and tweak the mem up. You can bump your CPU voltage up to compensate for droop (lowering of voltage due to overclock) but try and keep your voltage under 1.6 Max. If a multiplier of 8X is not working you can go back to 9X

If you have good cooling and quality memory you should be able to get at least 3.2Ghz which in my opinion is a solid doable OC for the Q6600 without stressing anything out.