Jul 19, 2008
I have a Q9550 thats running at 3.2 GHZ right now (8.5 x 376). I wanted to bring it up to 3.6 GHZ cause i heard that my processor has a good overclocking potential. The problem is that when i raise it from 376 FSB to 400 FSB (to get it to 3.4) it doesnt load up into Vista. I can change the FSB voltage, CPU voltage, and MCH/ICH voltage. I have tried binging all three of these up, but it doesnt make a difference because at 400 FSB it just doesnt boot up. How do i know what to change to make it load, and eventually have it stable at 3.6 GHZ?

Right now the Core VID is at 2.138V according to CPU-Z.

Does anybody have any suggestions? thanks!


Apr 9, 2009
I hope 2.138V is a typo. Intel spec sheet lists safe voltage range as 0.85-1.36V.

Also, if you have your voltage settings on auto, set them manually to the lowest/default values. Auto settings tend to horribly overvolt.


Nov 29, 2007
Did you make sure your ram ratio is at 1:1? And what speed is your ram rated at? And finally to help you out as much as we can can you tell us your System specs. Like what motherboard, GPU, and PSU are you using?


To get to 400 you'll have to use a lower multiplier.

Other Thoughts: I did finally get the thing overclocked but only to a min lvl.
I learned with some fustration that the FSB speed will auto clock the DDR3 to the same speed. Meaning if you have a chip like the q9450 that is @ 2.66ghz with a 1333fsb your DDR3 will be @ 1333.
So I went into the bios and altered the setting as follows. CPU voltage 1.38 - MCH 4.0 - FSB defalt - multplyer 7x (yes that is slower) - FSB 400 (faster 1600). ****I left all the memory setting to defalt allowing the cpu to match the speed to 1600***. You will want to download the *Intel Desktop control center* to keep an eye on things. This setting is stable for over 4 days never being turned off. I am not willing to go faster due to the fact that linked speed will burn my memory chips to crisps. The north bridge needs fan.