Question Question about 5800X Thermals


May 17, 2012
So I have recently completed my first Ryzen build and am wondering if my thermals under load are something to be concerned with. In Idle, I sit between 30-40 celcius but when I try to load test with Cinebench my CPU will hover between 80-85 for the duration of the test. I know it's a stress test, but I am wondering if these temps are too high and if I should try to reseat my cooler. I am using a Lian Li Galahad 360 and am using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut for my thermal paste. I have swapped out my fans on the Galahad for QL120s which I think are not as performant as the Galahad stock fans, but I do like the aesthetic they provide and don't mind a small performance hit. But, if these temps are too hight I am not opposed to switching back.

I reseated the CPU once as the first time I tried the Thermal Grizzly recommended application method of spreading the paste, but then used an X my second time and that seemed to improve thermals at idle by a couple degrees. I also have Noctua NT-H2 which I am thinking about applying, as it might spread a bit more evenly since the Galahad only has two points where it is mounted as it uses the stock AMD cooler plastic mounting points.
Robert Hallock's (director of technical marketing at AMD) response to this:

"Yes. I want to be clear with everyone that AMD views temps up to 90C (5800X/5900X/5950X) and 95C (5600X) as typical and by design for full load conditions. Having a higher maximum temperature supported by the silicon and firmware allows the CPU to pursue higher and longer boost performance before the algorithm pulls back for thermal reasons.

Is it the same as Zen 2 or our competitor? No. But that doesn't mean something is "wrong." These parts are running exactly as-designed, producing the performance results we intend."

I also found out that different "applications" make no difference at all. Tried both X and pea sized on my NH-D15 with NT-H2 paste. The pea-sized one actually ended up spreading and performing better. Just apply enough.

All in all, you're fine as long as the CPU is boosting high.