Question about Bluetooth Dongles


Feb 17, 2012
I have a question about bluetooth dongles and headsets and using them for speech recognition, I have had several headsets now which work fine on my laptop for calls and speech recognition, but whenever I plug in either of the two cheap old bluetooth dongles I have here into my desktop pc it detects the headset but then fails on installing the driver in win7 so I cannot use it on my desktop, both are version 2.0 I think, cheap dongles, you know the sort you see on ebay for £3.99 or something, with some small third party driver disc from some oem manufacturer you can never find anywhere on the web and so if you forget the disc then you are stumped.

Both work fine for file transfers and everyday bluetooth use, but keel over dead on headsets!

So my question is really can anyone confirm that it is just these dodgy dongles not working or being supported as I suspect, and recommend a decent bluetooth dongle that I could use for speech recognition on my desktop PC?

My thinking is to buy a new more expensive version 3 dongle from a brand name manufacturer that should work and then be future proof somewhat against losing the drivers and being stuck with broken bluetooth when I upgrade my PC.

Some of this may assist you.

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