Question Questions regarding Twitch streaming

Feb 10, 2019
So as the title says I have a lot of questions regarding setting up a Twitch stream.Before that, here are my pc specs(haven't purchased the components yet , but will at a later time):-
rtx 2080
32gb(4*8)trident z ram(3000mhz)
2tb intel 660p storage
Steinberg ur22 mk.2 audio interface
Akg d5 dynamic mic
Logitech c922x
2 x Acer predator xb271hu monitors(144hz,wqhd res)
Philips shp9500 headsets
2*Mackie mr524 studio monitors

What i want to achieve from this setup:- 1.Gameplay on one monitor and stream monitoring on another.
2.Audio input from mic(Akg d5)
3.Game audio+my own voice i.e whatever the viewers will hear on headphones(I believe this is achieved through something known as audio loopback , but I have honestly no idea how this works)
4.Video from the webcam
5.The ability to use my studio monitors for listening to music when not streaming

So my very elementary questions are :- (1)what wires will I need ?
(2)What other components will I need (if any)?
(3)what software other than OBS will I need ?
(4)How will I set everything up ,like what wires go to where ,what settings to be applied etc. ?
Also, please suggest the setting I should use to stream at 720p60fps or 1080p60fps(if possible) in OBS.
Thank you for any and all answers!!