Jun 10, 2012
hey guys just a quick question about getting a new processor,

when I am playing newer games (mostly sandbox ones) my CPU is around 85-90% and i get random frame drops for a few seconds and then it goes back and i am just wondering if a new CPU will fix the problem

the CPU i have now

and the one i'm looking at to buy:

By sandbox games do you mean browser based flash games?

I am pretty sure flash games can only ever use 1 core, so the only thing that matters is having the uberest per core statistics you can get.

If I am right, the core 2 quad @ 2.83 ghz would probably be worse than the core 2 duo @ 3.0 ghz. The other core could easily handle the computer's regular tasks and it certainly doesn't need 3 cores for the other regular tasks nor would the extra 2 cores benefit it in any way.

I am pretty sure that this is inherent to Flash and not something you can really address easily.

If you are talking about something other than Flash programs, the problem could be elsewhere.