Jun 12, 2011
Ok briefly, I need to know if having a 8GB or 16GB (depending if I can have a single dim or if it has to be two) RAMdisk is worth the hassle? To be honest I know very little of RAMdisks I have not had much time to research it, although I know that certain applications don't even support it; I've contacted the support staff of the applications I desire to use and they will get back to me (or so they say).
-With my line of work (no, I don't just game) often enough I bring my work home, the software used comprise of 3ds Max, ASCEND and Chemical Workbench. All very demanding in CPU, RAM, GPU and HDD (less 3ds Max, it's a pretty light software). One of my biggest concern is that when I do run certain simulation I max out my 32GB of RAM so by having a RAMdisk I may actually lower my efficiency.
-This would also be temporary, I'm currently building an actual beast not just a light work machine as I currently have.

Thank you

U don't have to start the RAMdisc every time,

so u can use the RAM alost all the time : )