Question Random Blue of Death and more?

Feb 25, 2020
So, I recently purchased my computer from CyberPowerPC. Straight away there were issues, within the first night I got 5 BlueScreen crashes where my pc had to restart. They are mellowed to one a day, so there still is a problem. On to the next issue is when I play pc games, no matter what the game is, it crashes. I am monitoring, temps, usage percents and nothing is wrong or too high. This is my first AMD rig and my impressions are not very good. Maybe this one is bad, maybe I just haven't done something crucial that I needed to, I don't know.
My specs are:
AMD Ryzen 3600 6 Core 3.60ghz
Radeon RX 580 8bg vram
16 gb RAM
2 tb hard drive that was for some reason pre partitioned into a 300gb C drive and 1.7tb D drive.
Like I said i recently purchased it going on 6 days ago, and I've crashed maybe upwards of 20 times, each with a different Blue screen code.
I appreciate any help.
Edit: I see i have 11 critical errors in the logs, all a 41 Kernell Power?? And a whopping 326 Errors in the last 6 days. And 721 Warnings. Again any help is appreciated.
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