Question Random display flicker. can anyone help?

Jan 26, 2021
Hi guys!
Not sure if I'm on the right section but I would like some advise with my problem. I'm have some random black screen flicker with my display and AMD's Issue reporting tool will prompt that there was a driver timed out. Usually happens when I'm doing my office work, switching multiple tabs and apps. It doesn't really make my entire system crash or anything though. The flicker is like when you're installing/un-installing your GPU driver.

I already used DDU to clean out the GPU driver before re-installing but still having these random display flickers.

GPU and MoBo are just two weeks old.

Below are my system/hardware specs:

CPU: Ryzen 7 - 3700X

MoBo: Asus TUF Gaming B550M-Plus

Memory: T-Force TUF Gaming Vulcan 32gig DDR4 3200Mhz (4 x 8gig)

GPU: Power Color Red Devil RX 5700XT
PSU: ROG-Strix-850G
Chassis: Asus TUF GT301
CPU Cooler: CM Master Liquid ML240R RGB.
Storage: 2 - NVME M2 and 2 - 2.5 SSD's (250Gb each)

OS: Win10 Pro 64bit

BIOS: 1401

GPU Driver: Radeon Software 21.1.1
Chipset ver:

Thank you~
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Jan 26, 2021
Make sure the cable is plugged all the way in both gpu and the monitor.
When you type or do anything,due to the pressure ur applying on your desk,it could affect the way the cable is plugged in.

Um... I don't think the GPU or monitor cable is loose.. ><...

It won't be a loose cable since I did mention that the "AMD Issue reporting tool prompts that the driver timed out...

It won't be also a loose GPU/PCI-E connection since my system is not crashing... If the GPU was loose, the system will crash or may not work at all. My CPU is a Ryzen 7 which requires a discrete GPU.....