Question Random HYPERVISOR_ERROR bluescreens on a regular basis.

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Dec 21, 2021
Hey. As of recently, at least once every two days, my computer will randomly get a HYPERVISOR_ERROR bluescreen. This is really annoying me and it's happened at complete random. Recently, I was uploading a large file somewhere and my computer had a random HYPER_VISOR_ERROR bluescreen while that file was uploading and I had to reupload that file all over again. I've even thought of buying a new computer because this bluescreen problem has gotten so bad. I've tried debugging the minidumps and all that it told me was that the process name was System so I can't figure out what's causing those bluescreens. I've tried uninstalling drivers, installing new drivers, updating drivers until they're up to date, and uninstalling the Hyper-V Windows feature. So far, nothing has solved my bluescreen problem. I'd disable virtualization in my computer's BIOS, but I can't because I regularly run virtual machines on VMWare and I don't wanna restart my computer and temporarily change my BIOS settings every time I wanna run a virtual machine. Right now, I have all of the VMWare services turned off and I only temporarily turn them on when I wanna run a virtual machine. Here are all of the minidumps on my computer that didn't get deleted. All of them are HYPERVISOR_ERROR bluescreens except for one which is an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bluescreen and I don't know what caused that bluescreen. I really hope that you can fix my bluescreen problem.