Jul 5, 2008
Sup guys i build my new pc 2 days ago, all was good, i read all manual so i can put all the pieces that they need to be....after spending like 2 hours building it i finished it. Then i installed WiNDOWS VISTA 64bit the installation was succesfull but after an hour of playing CoD4 it start freezing, so i decide to reset it, all was normal again but after 10 minute it freeze again so i was taking that it could be the WiNDOWS so i decide to format it and install Vista 32bit, all the process was succesfull, install COD4 and start playing all was good for about 4 hours then PFFfftt.... again it start freezing and freezing and freezing so i stop playing COD4 and let the pc on IDLE but it also freezing and now if the pc is at IDLE it freeze but if im using it, its all good so ill like to know what is going on....what i should do to fix this? Plis help and thx

NOTE: bad english

-Evga 8800GT SuperCLock
-Gigabyte Ga-EP45-D3SL
-G.skill PC 6400 800MHZ 2x2gb


Jan 13, 2006
Check your temps. You can download Speedfan and it should give you the cpu core temps and the ambient temp. Also, see if you can get the GPU and chipset temps