Nov 4, 2004
Hello Everyone!
I'd like to know if somebody can help me. I am having a virus problem that I can' solve with my antivirus. Everytime I open the IE my antivirus detect the a trojan virus, even If i have done a complete scan before. I want to format the main hard drive and re install WinXP (that could solce the problem?). The problem is that I can't format the hard drive. Everytime I restart my PC from the istallation disc the only optios are to repair the current version or install it in a new disk. How I can solve the problem? Thanl you very much for your answer and keep the good work :)


Sep 15, 2002
First of all I want to make sure you realize that formatting the hard drive will wipe it completely clean so backup anything you want to save to cd or something.
If you have a standard XP disk (not a manufacturer xp disk, ie compaq, dell, etc.):
The format option comes later, choose to install a new copy of xp (enter on the first screen, esc on the second screen). You will then be prompted to choose a partion to install xp on. Choose your partition and the next screen will prompt you to format the partition.

Have you tried looking up the virus on the symantec website? They have step by step removal guides for nearly every virus out there.

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