Question Realtek audio driver under hidden devices and cant be uninstalled/reinstalled

Feb 20, 2020
So my computer went out on me a few weeks ago and I finally got the money to buy the parts i needed. I bought a new processor, mobo, ram and cooler. Everything runs fine on the new setup, however I no longer have audio coming from the back or front jacks. I looked under my device manager because I assumed it was a problem with the drivers and went to uninstall/reinstall the driver for Realtek HD Audio. When I go to do so it just gets stuck on uninstalling driver and never finishes and I have left it for a LONG time trying to finish it (Over an hour). I also attempted to instal the same audio driver through the disk that came with the mobo and online and when i run the program on the disk it stops responding and doesnt go anywhere. If i try to manual select driver software from online sources, it does not update. SOS Im just trying to talk to friends and play videogames and Im not sure what to do anymore.