Question Realtek option makes audio flatter

Jul 30, 2022
In Realtek device settings i have two options
  1. Mute the rear output, When a front headphone is connected.
  2. Make front and back panel play different audio streams simultaneously.

Clicking 2nd option makes sound more better quality and spatial like it is not just emitting from the speakers but coming from around me. On the other hand if I click option 1 this makes the sound flatter and i can feel it coming directly from the speakers, which is a bit off putting . I want the spatial feeling. I have fiddled with the virtual spatial options and sound effects option but It is still not as good as second option quality. I want It to switch automatically to my headphones when I plug them in front panel (which is what first option does) and enjoy the better quality sound of second option.

I have Optiplex 3020 with Acer speakers

I have attached two screenshots of first option and 2nd option. When I choose second option for some reason Realtek label my speakers as Headphones and internal motherboard speaker as speaker