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Question Recommendations for a new PSU

Dadrian Daedalus

May 25, 2015
I am currently having a system with the foll. config:

i5 9400f
B365 motherboard
8*2=16gb ram
nvidia 1060 6gb
4 x HDD.
I am currently using a Seasonic s12ii 620(3 yrs old) to power this setup.

however i've been told that seasonic s12ii line of psus are based on an outdated design and hence aren't recommended for newer builds-therefore should i go ahead and replace it with something more modern?(even though it appears to be working alright and i haven't run into any issues with it).

If i should replace it,i'd like to know which psu would be ideally suited for my build.I am currently torn between Antec's EAG 750 pro and Corsair TXm 750-my initial choice was the EAG 750 due to its somewhat lower price tag (at my place) as compared to the corsair unit-also it features two EPS connectors which seems like an added bonus.

However acc. to the review of the antec psu that was published here on tomshardware,it has a high inrush current issue when subjected to 230v input.The line voltage at my place is 230v-therefore would it be safe to use this psu in the long run?Could it potentially damage components due to its high power draw when turned on?

Please suggest which psu should i go for,if my seasonic s12ii cannot be considered suitable for continued usage anymore.

Vic 40

To me it is like if it works fine it works fine so why change it. It has a 5 year warranty so it's not like you just are getting out of that period.

The outdated design might make it not play well with newest low energy saving states that you pc can go into. So you still might run into issues if you put your pc to sleep.
These older type psu's also not always cope well with the way newer (more recent) parts draw power so if you run into problems while the pc is stressed also look at the psu.
Feb 29, 2020


Mar 14, 2020
You know, we have a this same tier list here.
Although the antec has its faults like inrush current and too high set protections, it is still just a seasonic focus rebrand. The antec eag750 pro has better ripple measurements, transient response, and way tighter load regulations, I'd get the Antec. But the inrush current is higher then spec for 230v, so it may pose a risk of tripping the breaker, it won't damage pc components.
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Dadrian Daedalus

May 25, 2015
Just disable the c6 and c7 sleep state in the bios. it should be under cpu power management, change it from auto to enabled and change it from there.
I checked the bios of my asus mobo and there's only 1 option to disable "cpu c states." I couldn't find any setting that allowed me to disable c6 and c7 specifically.

Is it ok to go ahead and disable c states from the bios? Can it prevent the cpu from functioning correctly?
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