May 16, 2010
Hi everyone, I'm thinking of reformatting my laptop but I'm not sure about one thing. The thing is I have vista home premium installed on my laptop and it came pre-installed so if I reformat my laptop how will I reinstall it since I don't have a vista disk. So I'm unsure on what I should do so I came here, thanks for any help you could give me.
P.S-I wasn't sure where to post this so I went ahead and posted it here, if I'm wrong could you tell me where I should of posted it.


Hi. Did you not get any restore discs with your laptop? If not there should be an option to make recovery discs in your programs, as a hidden partition will have all the files on. Look in start\ all programs\......... your laptops maker to see if there is somthing there. It may say something like create a recovery disc. If you get your discs make sure they work before you start re-installing. If you re-install it will be just as you got it from the shop, and therefore all your data( back them up) and programs will have gone. You will also need to update everything.