Replacing my CPU, should i replace my fan too?


Sep 30, 2009
Hi guys, i'm replacing my Intel Pentium 4 650 CPU with Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450, should i replace my fan with something like this? Or can i stay with my current one?
I currently have this fan (5 years, no problems or something):

certaily upgrade the heatsync but not with that or any other saucer hsf... for a core 2 quad you could use 1 of zalmans other 9 series. like the 9500a, 9700, or what ever you fancy... but stay away from the saucer shaped 1s as they dont do a very good job 1s your temps start climbing...
you can pick up a 9500a for as little as £25 if you look about.. and they run silent. well at least the 1 i had on my old amd did... you cant really say the same for the hyper 212... even if its a quid cheaper...