Dec 18, 2001
I think i've tried reformatting about 4 times with 3 different windows xp cds.

i currently purchased a barebone system pc with an amd processor along with 1gig of ram, 120gig of hdd space (sataII western D) and a dvd writer combo.

when i install windows xp sp2, reformatting and the copying of the setup files goes out fine. but when i come to the installing part, it tells me to insert a windows xp sp2 cd and shows this directory G:i386 or something like that.
and if i click cancel and just go on with the installation, ill be missing a hell lotta windows file. i dont even have the calculator for goodness sake. can someone pleaseeeeeeeee help me on this problem. thanks.


Apr 24, 2002
Zero out your hd and start over. Set the floppy as first boot device in the BIOS.

With a 98 boot diskette, and debug.exe added to it, do the following:

At the "A" prompt, type debug and type in the following lines: What looks like zeroes ARE the number zero. Also, hit "Enter" at the end of each line.

f 200 L200 0
a 100
mov ax,301
mov bx,200
mov cx,1
mov dx,0080
int 13
int 3
(hit Enter again here)

Take out the floppy. Reset the boot order in your BIOS for CD first; put in your XP cd (SP1 or SP2 version) and run the install. XP will partition and format the drive. I would choose NTFS.


G: drive would be your CD-ROM then in logical order? C D E F G...

It's looking for the CD, so you might just need to do D:i386..

or after your install, just go into add/remove windows components and install what you want/need.. it'll look for the i386 folder.

I recommend copying the i386 to the C: drive when you finish installing.. that way you won't need the CD if you make changes.