Question Roommate installed new graphics driver and now get black screen when trying to start up ?

Nov 23, 2022
Roommate started up cod for first time and was prompted to update driver. She did and on restart after installing drivers nothing shows up now. Just a black screen. She has a 5700 4gb saphire gpu. All fans turn on, cpu fan turns on. gpu fans turn on. I tried unplugging the gpu and using mobo hdmi to start and nothing. i unplugged the ssd and tried booting and nothing, with gpu plugged in and not plugged in. Cant get into bios, just a black screen. I unplugged both sticks of ram individually and tried both slots. Not sure what cpu she has but I have had to troubleshoot computer problems before and am not sure what it could be. Maybe dead mobo? No clue. I have my own pc but i dont really wanna be swapping parts out because mine are a little more pricey and dont want anything to get ruined. Any tips suggestions??????? Like I said i've tried getting into bios when it turns on and it wont whether gpu and ssd are plugged in or not. She doesn't know what cpu she has either i just know its amd. If it helps fix the problem I'll find out but dont exactly want to start ripping stuff out yet.