Question RTX 2060 super vs RTX 2070?

Apr 16, 2020
So just wondering what the difference between the RTX 2060 super vs the RTX 2070 base is?

Both are the same price however just wondering what the super tag actually is? Is it better to go with the RTX 2060 super or the RTX 2070?
May 7, 2020
Hi there,

i already had a rtx 2070 (Gigabyte RTX 2070 Windforce 8G(3fans))
and bought a rtx 2060 s (Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Super Windforce OC 8G(2fans))
for 2nd pc...
Both are build on TU 106.

My rtx 2070 runs under full load 1440p extreme +/- 10-15 fps faster then rtx 2060 s (UHeaven).

Biggest difference is temp, rtx 2070 has overclock of + 180Mhz on clock and + 750Mhz on memory, here the temp stays between 60- 68C.

The rtx 2060 super runs under full load 1440p extreme +/- 10-15 fps less then rtx 2070 (UHeaven).
And has no overclock because it runs consantly 83C.If you put the POW limit to max 108 the temp is const. 88C.
Try to undervolt it with minor gain -3C...

IMO the cooler is no good on 2060s, only has two heatpipes... and is not suited for the job...
I send it back and i'm waiting on rtx 2070 super now...

The max clock on 2070 is about 2100mhz cold start and stays on +/- 1965mhz warmed up...(pow limit 114,+-/-65C).

The max clock on 2060s is about 2000mhz cold start and stays on +/- 1800mhz warmed up ...(pow limit 108, 88C for sure).So it starts to thermo throttle...

I don't recommend buying the 2060s with small coolers because ther will be no headroom to overclock and the temp wil be on the high side...Big coolers will do better and runs about 65/75C this what i have readed on forums...No aftermarket coolers support for RTX 2060 also...

Hope tis helped you a little bit...