Question RTX 2080Ti power cables


Jul 26, 2018
Got a friend selling an Asus Strix 2080Ti for very cheap and am planning on purchasing it as an upgrade from my 2070 Super. However I'm concerned about my PSU, not necessarily if it's powerful enough, it's the fact I don't have 2 spare 8 pin PCIE connectors on the PSU.

The PSU is a Corsair TX650M. It has 2x 8 pin slots, one is taken up by the CPU cable and the other by the 8 pin on my 2070 Super and some 6 pin slots which one of is taken by the 6 pin cable on the 2070 Super. The 2080Ti requires 2x 8 pin connections and obviously I only have 1 to spare so I thought I'd have to buy a new PSU.
However I found PCIe splitter cables which split a single 8 pin connection into 2x 8 pin.

COMeap ATX CPU 8 Pin Male to Dual PCIe 2X 8 Pin (6+2) Male Power Adapter Cable for Corsair Modular Power Supply 25-inch+9-inch (63cm+23cm): Computers & Accessories
adaptare 35118 20 cm graphics card power cable 8 pin PCIe male to 2 x 8 pin (6 + 2) black plugs: Computers & Accessories

How well do these work and are there any disadvantages and safety compromises to using a splitter like this? Thanks.


So should I buy a new PSU then?
No, this PSU has the proper cable. If you don't have it, buy a proper PCIE cable that's specifically compatible with it. Corsair PSUs are widely used, so there are options, including Corsair themselves.

Only buy a PSU if you can't get a replacement cable (or find your other one since the PSU does come with it).

However, this is the only option. Adapters are nearly universally horrible ideas.