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    Question CX450M Powering a MSI Geforce GTX 1660TI

    Hello and sorry in advance for the naive questions, I'm absolutely new to this. Received a PC as a gift with very decent specs but a bargain-basement graphics card, so I'm trying to update that. Power supply is a Corsair CX450. Graphics card is an MSI GeForce GTX 1660TI. Here is where the...
  2. E

    Question Msi B450M Pro-VDh GPU

    I am looking to install a Micro ATX B450 into my case hwoever on most of the motherboards I have looked at reviews say that both pcie slots are blocked. I need one for my Wireless card so does anyone know if this Mobo has enough room or not? If not are there any Matx that do as I would prefer...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] If the 3950x supports PCIE 4.0, would it work with pcie 3.0 parts?

    I know the 3950x will most likely come out in September But if a processor supports a pcie that's above the GPU or m.2 would they work? The 3950x will be am4 socketed so I dont have to change motherboards But the CPU supports pcie 4.0 Would it even work? Is it backward compatible? Help me plz...
  4. M

    Question Pcie compatibility

    I have a relatively old prebuilt system that has no m.2 slots on the motherboard. I found online some pcie cards that can solve this issue. However i am not sure of the specifications on my motherboard since it's proprietary hp hardware. All i know is that the pcie slot is the same size on the...
  5. A

    Question PCIe card not working

    Yesterday I bought PCIe ethernet card which was not working, probably. I returned it and today I bought 1ghz ethernet PCIe card https://www.alza.sk/tp-link-tg-3468-d309053.htm unplugged PC, then pushed card to PCIe slot, nothing happened. my board is ASUS p7h55-m Any ideas?
  6. S

    Question What wireless PCIe card will fit?

    I have an USFF desktop, a Fujitsu C720. The motherboard is Fujitsu's own D3224. I can't use wired ethernet and I would rather keep my USB ports free, so I'd like to use the (single available) PCIe 3 x16 port and install a wireless card. I have only about 70mm clearance from the top of the port...
  7. Tanyac

    Discussion HEDT future Intel vs AMD - Discussion

    The rumors abound that Intel may push the HEDT market to the ultra-high end price wise. Such as with the 3175 XEON. AMD has stated they will be producing a 3rd Generation Ryzen. The problem I find with mainstream CPUs is the draconian limit of 16 PCIe lanes from the CPU. I've never had a system...
  8. J

    Question What's the fastest set up I can get on an ASUS Z170-E MoBo?

    My company is letting me get a new SSD, I only really need more space, but I think the MoBo would allow me some sort of PCIe SSD set up for a similar price. I'd like to make extra sure it will work before I get them to spend the money on it though. This is the mobo...
  9. I

    Question Will my PCIe slot line up?

    So I'm looking to move my HP prebuilt PC into a new case, in order to upgrade both the GPU and PSU, and I think I've sorted out most of the issues, but I have a couple of concerns. I imported images of the motherboard into Fusion 360 to measure dimensions in an attempt to check compatibility...
  10. M

    Question flexible PCIE1x riser?

    My RTX 2080ti is occupying 3 PCIE slots, and I need access to at least 1 of those. USB based riser pieces are in the way. Is there a flexible ribbon or narrow PCIE solution available that could fit?
  11. J

    Question Is it possible to set up raid 0 with M.2 SSD and SATA SSD

    Main Question I'm building a new rig for game development, music production, and some rendering here and there so I want to have really good storage performance. I have a 1TB SATA SSD on my current rig. I want to transfer that SATA SSD over to the new rig and buy a 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD to set up a...
  12. M

    Question M.2 M vs E for GPU?

    What slot can I convert to a PCIE 16x riser? The 'M.2 M' or the 'M.2 E' slot? Or can i run a GPU in both slots?
  13. P

    Question m.2 to 4x PCIE 16x riser?

    Hi guys, The market is full with PCIE 1x slot to 4x PCIE 16x converters, for mining. For folding, the preferred minimum is a PCIE 3.0 1x slot per card. Using a PCIE 1x slot to 4x slots of PCIE 16x ,would slow down each card considerably, and is not recommended. My motherboard has 1x PCIE 16x...
  14. Armani316

    Question PCIe & laptop motherbaords?

    He guys, Can someone please clarify the following for me: 1. From my basic understanding, laptop motherboards do not use PCIe connectors, so the entire discussion about PCIe 4.0 & 5.0 is irrelevant for laptops. Is this correct? What confused me is what when I look at the tech specs of M.2 NVMe...
  15. Silmefaron

    [SOLVED] Y connector 2x6 PCIe to 1x6+2 PCIe

    I have a PSU with the rated power capable of running a system with a GTX 970, i7 4770, and 16GB of 1866 MHz RAM, but it does not have the right connectors. It only has 2 6-pin PCIe power connectors and the version of the SSC card I have from EVGA requires a 6-pin and an 8-pin. I have a molex...
  16. M

    Question Wireless network issues on built PC

    Hi Guys, this is a very specific issue I am having with getting stable wireless connection from my built PC - hopefully someone with technical knowledge can help me out with this. Before getting in to it, I thought I would just mention that I have a custom built PC as I believe this is a huge...
  17. G

    Question M.2 Drive | GPU Lanes

    Hi. I dont quite understand the foundation of how these two operate. First off i have an Asus Prime Z370-A mobo. My current OS is on an HDD and I am moving to an M.2 drive. I need clarification on how the PCIE lanes work. I have a discrete GPU connected on the first slow Gen 3 x16. Would having...
  18. Djavuln

    Question Question about twin PCIe cable

    Hi everybody, I am currently building my first computer, the graphics card I use has a 6-pin input and an 8 pin, I just wonder if it matters which of the two cables that the PCIe cable has goes into which connectors on the GPU, the cable is split so that there are two 6 + 2 pin cables, these are...
  19. R

    Question Can a Wifi card the is pcie go into a pciex4 slot?

    I am looking at investing into the asus PCE-AC88 but I don't have the desired pcie slot on my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H). I just wanted to know if it would be possible to put it into the PCIEX4 slot instead? Thank you in advance.
  20. Djavuln

    Question Questions about split PCIe cable

    My GPU has a 6 and 8 pin connection. The problem is, the pcie cable has two strains of identical looking twin cables. Both have a head split into a 2 and 6 pins. Does it matter which of them I put into the 6 pin connection of the GPU and which to the 8 pinned one?