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  1. F

    Question PCI-E to M2 SATA adapter RAID lanes question

    Hello, i'm thinking of ways add more storage to my PC and was checking PCI-E to M2 SATA adapters like this one My question is how many PCI-E lanes these adapters use, i read that SATA does not use pci-e lanes, read that it uses 1 lane, i got very confused. Do i need to bifurcate my pci-e slot...
  2. DPalouG

    Question Installed new TX401 to my seconday B250m mortar x16 Slot (up to x4 speed) and the connection is only x1, how to make it work at x4?

    Good morning, So I have a situation where I only receive about 1Gb internet connection, I have symmetric 10Gb (up to 8Gb real) with my ISP and yesterday they came to check if the line was correct and they got the highest speed, so the problem seems to be in my PC, the specs are: MSI B250m...
  3. qqrakka

    Question Safe to use singular 8pin to dual 6+2pin on a 8+6 pin card?

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused on how to proceed with this, I bought a Nitro+ RX 590 from my friend that I'd like to install into my system to replace the RX 560D I've been using for the past 5 years, but I am worried about the power requirements: The card has a maximum power consumption of...
  4. T

    Question What does PCIe slot bandwidth mean?

    I am a student that just got into my IT system management course, and I am trying to figure out: What PCIe slot bandwidth stands for? What PCIe slot gigatransfer stands for? What PCIe slot frequency stands for? I just want to understand the concept better
  5. absence209

    Question Old GPU won't work in the top slot, however, newer GPU does.

    Hi, I have an MSI b450M Mortar, and I tried plugging in an ATI HD5450 into the top slot (the silver one, nearest CPU) and it does not boot or anything. When I switched out the GPU with a GTX1050ti, the PC started just fine. For now I have the GPU plugged into the bottom slot of the motherboard...
  6. N

    Question MSI 4070 Gaming X Trio black screen issues

    PC Specs: Ryzen 5800x MSI 4070 Gaming X Trio Gigabyte Aorus Elite X570 EVGA 750 P2 PSU 32 Gb 3600Mhz Trident Z Neo ram My first issue I had since I installed my 4070 is the screen would go black and fans would rev up 100%. This mostly happened when gaming or doing benchmarks. I think I...
  7. R

    Question Pcie 4.0 retention clip broken

    Motherboard: Msi b550 tomahawk mag its first pcie slot clip broke and half of it came out and the other half is still in there Gpu - msi 3070 ventus oc 2fan I saw multiple threads that there will be no issues using the GPU without the clip. So is it true???? And can the swap the clip with a...
  8. Toby_K

    Question 2x SATA -> 8-pin for GTX 1660 Ti ?

    Hi, my old GTX 1060 3GB has recently died, and I got a great deal on an almost brand new GTX 1660Ti (for 120 bucks, with still valid warranty...). When I bought my PC, I knew very little about the hardware, that was 4 years ago. The previous 1060 was powered by: MBD->6-pin...
  9. beaniecent

    Question PSU PCIe Cable for Cooler Master

    Hi, I've recently tried installing a new GPU and realized I was missing a crucial 8pin - 8 (6+2)pin PCIe cable for my Cooler Master Masterwatt 750 PSU. This problem came up a week ago and I've been scouring the internet ever since. I've shot Cooler Master support a ticket about this last week...
  10. K

    Question Thunderbolt Addon Card not showing

    Hello guys, long time since I last posted here, so I guess lucky me. However I recently run into this problem. I bought a MSI Thunderbolt M3 Addon Card that is officially supporting my MSI Z390 A-Pro Motherboard. In fact I was running the card quite well until yesterday. I tried to fix a...
  11. S

    Question Smoke from GPU after RGB LED header was connected?

    Hello everyone, thank you in advance for reading this, and i hope you can help me! So I upgraded my pc build recently, cause my old one was having trouble running anything but windows. To start off I got a good deal on a 1 and a half year used GPU (ASROCK amd RX 6700 xt Phantom gaming), and...
  12. A

    Question PCIe 4.0 SSD Never Reaches It's Advertised Sequential Read Speed

    I just got a brand new Kingston Fury Renegade 500GB SSD, which is regarded by many reviewers as one of the best, fastest PCIe 4.0 SSDs on the market today... My model has advertised speeds of 7.300MB/s sequential read and 3.900MB/s sequential write. However, after various benchmarks, I've...
  13. Y

    Question M.2 to PCIe adapter works for 1394 firewire video capture but there is No Drive Letter ?

    First I am not a gamer. I do high end amateur video editing. Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 My system: Product # 4NN43AA#ABA Omen by HP Obelisk Desktop PC - 875-0034 Motherboard: Version 00 Edoras SSid: 84FD Chipset: H370 500 Watt power supply This is the M.2 A/E to PCIe adapter I...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Proper way to change current NVME secondary storage drive from m.2 slot to PCIE adapter ?

    Currently have 2 NVME drives installed. One WD black SN 750 500 gb as my boot drive C: installed in m.2_1 on motherboard. I have a secondary WD Blue 1tb drive installed in m.2_2 on motherboard labeled D: I have purchased a new 2tb WD black SN850x that I would like to place in the m.2_2...
  15. talhaskrillx

    [SOLVED] GPU is stuck on PCIe x4 instead of x16 ?

    My GPU is stuck on PCIe v4.0 x4 but it's supposed to be running at x16 ? I am also losing noticeable performance in games and applications. All monitoring software are reporting that GPU is running on x4 only. (CPU-z, HWinfo, Nvidia control panel). Benchmark also shows loss of performance...
  16. J

    Question PCIe slot not being activated after PC has been off or asleep for a while ?

    Hi all, I'm experiencing a problem with my Gigabyte B560M Aorus Elite. Everytime my PC has been off or asleep for a while (say, the whole night), the 2nd pcie x16 slot (running at x4) is not activated when the pc boots up or wakes up from sleep mode - my wifi6 card is installed in that slot...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Can I put new stuff on this MoBo?

    Hi, everyone! I've been using my current computer since July 2014 (that's almost 9 years) and I am trying to replace it with a TOTALLY NEW (Linux-based this time) rig before the 9 years are due, However, there's a big possibility that I might not get the necessary funds to replace it and I...
  18. arif1752002m4a1

    [SOLVED] What PCIe interface is used in my laptop?

    I recently got a very budget gaming laptop for my college use.. This is Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 15IHU6-D1; i5 11320H 16GB DDR4 (Upgraded from 8GB) GTX 1650 GDDR6 1080P 60Hz LCD. now the question is... How do I know if GPU is connected via CPU PCIe Lanes of Via PCH PCIe Lanes.. GPU z Shows...
  19. E

    [SOLVED] PCIE cables upside down?

    I've recently bought a 6700 XT red devil. Every graphics card I've ever had I plugged the PCIE connectors in one way (with the notch up), but on this card the only way they fit is upside down (with the notch down). Is it okay for it to be plugged in like this? I'll be showing pictures for more...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] Windows will not boot from M.2 NVMe SSD on PCIe socket

    Hello everyone! I had a bunch of desktop PCs but ran out of 2,5" SSDs for upgrading them. Then again I also had several 256MB M.2 NVMe SSDs so I got some of these: PCIe Adapter for M.2 I startet testing with a rather old PC, its mainboard is a Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2PV, BIOS is from 2015. First I...
  21. T

    Question multiple gpus not detected by mobo

    So I'm running a h310ms2p mobo with a 1070ti and one day i just lost hdmi signal so i assumed my gpu was fried. I tested this buy swapping in a 2070 super, just to see if it would detect. Nothing on device manager except the intel graphics. at this point I assume my pcie slot is busted or...
  22. Zamfik267

    Question How to enable PCIe 4.0 on Asrock MTB?

    Hello I’ve searched for days without an answer.. my gpu is currently running on PCIe 3.0 x8.. i want it to run on PCIe 4.0 16x.. GPU is in the correct slot.. (top slot) my motherboard - asrock b550m pro4 My gpu - rx 6650 shappire pulse 8gb
  23. R

    Question Asrock B450M steel legend second NVME drive not working

    Hi guys, I just bought a second NVME drive for my motherboard. I reluctantly bought the drive without doing any research on my motherboard as it's quite old and I completely forgot what it supported. This drive was meant to replace my boot drive and I would then re-use the old boot drive for a...
  24. VenB

    Question PCIe slots stopped working

    So while I was watching a video and also downloading something for a game, my display just suddenly white screened? It looked static and a small squared static was also now my cursor. I forced shutdown and restarted my pc only to find it not posting and not beeping anything, after removing the...
  25. G

    Question GPU is hotter after changing PCIE cable

    Last week I cleaned my computer internally, and since then my GPU temperatures have risen considerably. If before they were at 38-40ºC at idle, now they are at 46-52ºC at idle. At first I thought it might be a driver problem (I took advantage of the cleanup to update the drivers) so I reverted...
  26. CodehackGR

    Question MSI RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio does not run at PCIe x16 (keeps running at x8) ?

    Hello. I purchased a brand new MSI RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio and I just built a computer from the ground up. Motherboard and CPU are also new (specs below). For some reason which I cannot understand the GPU refuses to run on PCIe Gen 4 x16 and keeps using x8 no matter what. I do not have an NVMe...
  27. L

    Question Sorry for Dumb question - But will this cable work? Upgrading from RX 570 to RX 5700 xt

    I'm changing my old RX 570 to a XFX RX 5700 XT THICC III - And I'm confused if these cables will work that are included with my power supply, Here is the image Sorry again about the dumb question - I'm pretty new to this.
  28. willyburns

    Question Does ASUS provide a "12VHPWR Adapter Cable" for their Thor 850W PSUs for powering an RTX 3080 Ti?

    Hi, Everything is contained within the title: Does ASUS provide a "12VHPWR Adapter Cable" for their Thor 850W PSU for powering an RTX 3080 Ti which I can buy separately so that I don't have to use the weird micro-penis 2x8 pin PCIe adapter that Nvidia provide? I can't seem to find anything...
  29. fabimetal

    Question Second GPU not turning on after Windows update (22H2)

    Hi, I wish you can help me with this weird issue. I just downloaded the new Windows 11 Pro version 22H2, installed it and after the pc restarted I noticed my second gpu was not turned on, so I decided to turn off the pc and when I turned it on, the secondary gpu fans didn't start spinning...
  30. K

    Question Rtx 4080 with HX850 Gold

    Hello, just bought an rtx 4080. The 12pin to three 8pin adapter comes with it. However the hx850 is semi modular with two 6+2 cables being already routed from the psu so to speak. All good so far, thing is I need three 6+2 pins cables from the psu to plug into the three 8 pins on the adapter. I...
  31. luneki

    [SOLVED] Should i go with m.2 or SATA SSD for 2nd drive?

    For my new build i went with a Samsung 980 500 GB, and i thought i'd add a 1 TB HDD as a 2nd drive, but it's not much more to get another SSD. However i'm really confused as to how PCI lanes work, and if my 2nd drive should be another m.2 or a SATA SSD. I'm running an i7-13700K with a ROG...
  32. bionucular

    Question How to install three Nvme SSDs on Asus Prime 7390-A? Very confused

    Hello everyone, this is my first question here. 😊 I want to expand my PC storage (and its speed) for audio production and I need 2 additional SSD Nvme drives for data and samples (2TB x 2). I already have 1 Nvme with the OS (and a HDD, which I'd disconnect and use as external backup). So, my...
  33. G

    Question Trouble with B550 Motherboard + SAS RAID

    Hi, I'm trying to set up a PCIe RAID Controller into a new GIGABYTE B550 Aorus Elite V2 motherboard that I recently bought, and I'm having the following issue: What's expected? - The BIOS of the PCIe RAID Controller itself must show up first before POST. What happens in my case? - It shows...
  34. AEAMMZ

    Question Samsung 980 PRO only using PCIe4.0x2 instead of x4 on Dell G5 5520

    I recently change the ssd provided with the Dell G5 5520 (core i7-12700H, DDR5) wich was a GEN 3 NVME. I migrated the S.O. using Marcium Reflect and didn´t do a clean install. I also changed the storage mode on the bios to be AHCI/NVME instead of Raid. CrystalDiskInfo says that the 980 pro is...
  35. A

    Question Is The SSD Heatsink Thermal Pad Enough?

    Unfortunately I lost the 2 tiny screws that hold my motherboard's NVMe heatsink in place. I plan on getting a PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD which doesn't come with a heatsink. Will the glue from the thermal pad of the mobo's heat sink be enough to hold it onto the SSD?
  36. Fazh

    Question Does It Worth It Replacing My C-Hard drive

    I have an idea and i'm consulting you & looking forward to your opinions. *** machine components *OS = windows 7 64bit * MB = msi Z77A-G43 (ms-7758) * cpu = intel i7-3770...
  37. Beancomp

    Question Display output

    I have an apu with an itx motherboard and the hdmi output on the mother board is broken. Now instead of buying a new motherboard I need something like a preferably 1 slot pcie card with hdmi on that card that will output display from the apu. Is there such a thing?
  38. breezett93

    Question Upgrading from Asus Z97 Pro ac

    After inputting the requirements listed below, Pcpartpicker showed me a whopping 0 results. So, I'm hoping to find a good compromise at a good price. Current requirements: LGA1700 - i9 12900 1x pcie 16 - rtx 3070 1x pcie 4 - capture card 1x pcie 1 - sound card at least 2 sata ports at least...
  39. simdi

    Question My RTX 3080 does not work on any 600 series motherboards ?

    Can't get my RTX 3080 FE to work on any Asus Rog 600 series motherboards I can't seem to get a display output from my RTX 3080 when it's connected to any Asus 600 series motherboard. I've tried the GPU on three motherboards so far: Asus ROG Strix B660i gaming wifi (Doesn't work) An Asus Z690...
  40. K

    Question GPU Blocking SATA Ports - Options?

    I recently bought a new Crucial MX500 to add onto my PC in addition to my other 2 drives. My motherboard (Tomahawk B350) has 4 SATA ports, but the most accessible 2 are of course already taken. The other 2 are blocked by my new GPU, which is quite large. I do have SATA cables with a 90 degree...