Question RX 570 nitro+ deshroud mod.Can i do it by just removing the plastic shroud or do i have to take the cooler off as well?Idk what screws to unscrew...


Oct 1, 2019
I bought this card in march 2020 used and its great,its silent and cool,but i've seen now that gpu prices are crazy as hell and i really want this card to last another 2 years or so.I play casually so i dont think i'd buy the newest games anyway,still play older titles and i really need it because i have many monitors hooked up to it and wouldnt be able to make due with only 2 outs on my integrated graphics.
When i am playing i see that if i ramp up the fan speed in msi afterburner at 40 percent it never goes past 55 in some games,it has a huge cooler.Adding case fans would most likely result in the gpu not exceeding 60 or even 50 prob.
I was thinking to add 2 140mm fans that i have laying around the house,they use less than 0.5 amps together and so i know i could hook them up to the gpu header.
My question is this:does lower temperatures mean a prolongued lifespan for the gpu or would it be just a waste of time?I would only be doing this to make this gpu last longer,i dont care about noise levels and the fans are working ok as far as i can see.
What are the risks?i would rather just not do it if i can destroy the card or i have to buy vram pads plus i wouldnt really know how to do it anyway.
Has anyone else done this on this card?
Can I find some manufacturer design plans to know what screws i have to unscrew so i can just take the plastic shroud off,without taking the cooler off?


Don't do this.
You're already well below the "long life temp". The risk of damaging the card in this cobble job far outweighs the benefit you stand to gain from further lowering temps.

To be clear:
  • Modern GPUs (including the RX570) turn off their fans at/below 55-60C to reduce system noise and prolong lifespan of the fans.
  • Target GPU temp (GPU adjusts fan speed to maintain xx temp) is approx. 75C. Anything below that is perfectly safe.
  • If you want to reduce temps you can simply undervolt your card (I can help with this if you want) which will lower power draw at respective frequencies compared to stock
    • It's pretty common for RX570s to power-throttle off their rated frequency when operating on the stock voltage curve because it's very conservative. Most people need to increase the power draw allowance of the card to achieve stable rated frequency if they want to stay with the stock voltage curve. Undervolting reduces power draw at respective frequencies (ie instead of stock being 1300MHz/1150mV, you're now running 1300MHz/1050mV) so it prevents power-throttling and reduces temps/noise.
    • Voltage is more detrimental to chips than temp. You can still prematurely kill a chip if you're pumping >>>> volts into it even if you keep it at 25C.
  • You can also play around with AMD Chill, or Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC) to further reduce power/temp/noise.