[SOLVED] Ryzen 9 3900X with H115i Platinum

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Honestly, in my opinion, if you want RGB in your build, and I have RGB in my build with some NZXT Hue+ lighting, then get it somewhere other than the fans. Fans are to do one thing, cool your hardware. Fans are not there to make things look "pretty" AND there are NO, NONE, NADA, fans on the market with RGB that have even moderately decent performance compared to models without RGB.

I don't think ANYTHING you do with the fans you are working with, is going to make a damn bit of difference really because they are simply not capable of the task. If you want terrific performance, with low noise levels, then you need all of the fans to be capable. Not some, not on one side, not "yeah but they look good".

And also, putting fans on the other side of that panel, does nothing. Zero. They might as well not even be there as you saw through your results. If the fans are not part of a pressure differential such as a closed case, or are not DIRECTLY attached to the radiator, then they are not going to have any affect on performance that will be measurable.

If you want terrific performance and very low noise levels, put four of these on there and be done with it. To hell with the RGB on the fans. Get your RGB on elsewhere in the build. Get some LED strips or underglow kit. Get an ambient glow kit for behind the case. Anything but on the fans. There just ARE NOT any really good cooling fans that have RGB. Period.

Or if you really want to bump up the performance, a little more, and don't mind making a small sacrifice in overall noise level compared the fans above, then these have about double the static pressure and about twenty percent more CFM than the standard NF-A14's.