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Jan 23, 2013
Hi all,

Just wondering what is better for gaming. Ive heard numerous times that intel is better for gaming, and AMD is the choice for multi core focused tasks. When Ive looked at benchmarks on youtube for a intel cpu equivalent in price to an AMD cpu (for example a 2600), I have found that the Ryzen simply matched the intel, not only having matching in fps across the board, but also having a far far less lower cpu load. Im curious to why people say intel is better for gaming, when similarly priced intel cpus vs amd cpus benchmarked show the ryzen matching them (give or take fps). In my mind having comparable performance, and also being able to have the extra cores is a massive plus for the ryzen.

P.s. i was always an intel fanboy, but being out the loop for a few years and further doing research Im rearing towards ryzen.

Example of benchmark:

Feb 23, 2019
I’ve become a Ryzen fan boy. I always had mid level intel stuff, but I feel for the price you pay, it’s hard to beat out some of the top Ryzen CPUs. I’m not knowledges enough to sit and say all the technical differences, but I do know, even when I had the Ryzen 5 1400, it did what I needed video wise, and would still play most games at 60+ fps. The 2700x is just ridiculous in what I’ve experienced. The 2600 seems to be winning the best budget cpu in some write ups I’ve read
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The "intel is better for gaming" dates back to the FX era when AMDs single core speed was much slower than Intels.
Nowadays clock to clock they're pretty much identical although Intels cpus can do higher clock speeds meaning somewhat better performance.
AMD cpus right now give by far the best performance for money, and this summer we'll likely see them beating Intel in raw single core performance too with the release of 3rd gen Ryzen cpus.
AMD already demoed an 8 core 3000 series engineering sample beating the 9900k in cinebench,
if the rumours are true, there will be up to 16 cores on the highest end desktop (AM4) offerings, which would mean Intel is all around just a worse choice no matter what.
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