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Feb 7, 2019
Hello, english isn't my first language, sorry for the gramatical errors. My sister has a laptop, model 8265NGW. She told me today that the laptop has been doing some strange noises when she closes it. The noise started like a week ago. Now, after doing her work on the laptop, she tried to close it, and then she heard a "crack" noise and part of the border separated from the screen. (I wasn't present at that moment)

She hasn't tried to turn it on, she is afraid to do it. Tomorrow she has to present some work and she is thinking that if the laptop died, then she would have to open the laptop and extract the hard drive, she will take the laptop to a technician in a about 7 hours. I saw it and I think the glass (screen) is ok,no broken glass, the problem is with the "plastic border", it has some metal strings between the border and the laptop. Anyone had a similar case?

Update: She turned it on, the laptop is working fine, no screen problems, still, do you think the border has a solution?
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this is not uncommon on laptops, damage doesnt appear to be too much
there are metal hinges screwed to plastic, just screen bezel will need replacement
but u have to avoid closing lid to not make it worst
screen bezel costs around 20 bucks on ebay, but u probably gonna pay a little bit more if you go to service
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