Sd card does not work well on my computer and not in my camera at all


Jan 10, 2012
Same Camera and same SD card work all the time. Put the card into the computer and does not recognize it at all. Kept putting it in and out and finally it brought up the photos. I put the same card in my camera and it tells me I need to format it. I try to formate it, and then it states I need to format it again. I turned off the camera, and put in card, and it worked fine for a while. Then I tried again later and it is back to not working. So I purchase brand new card today and it needs to be formatted, and it keeps cycling that formate process with my Kodak camera.

Maybe I should put the new card into computer to check it out and see if my computer sees it. Nothing is on it - it is brand new and blank.

I use my photos for my job. I don't know if I need a new camera, a new computer, or a new sd card - but I have to work. So anyone have some ideas? please...anything -


I would start working with it on the PC. Verify everything is working ok and then try it in the camera. If you have problems in the camera then its time for another camera, unless you know how to open your cam and clean the SD card contacts.