[SOLVED] Seasonic 620W with RX 5700 XT

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Sure there is a higher probability just like anything. How about a TV that is over 5 years old? Would you stop using it because of the age of the power supply? What about a stereo? No, you wouldn't even though they generally use far more inferior components than that Seasonic unit. No normal person would. It is a bit insane to have a "replace it now" attitude. What about vintage computers or those in industrial applications that have 10-20+ years of usage? Those power supplies are used all of the time. The warranty is not a shelf life nor is it an indicator of the lifespan of the unit. It is how long they will cover it if it fails. That's all. If it has been well maintained the power supply is completely fine to use and it's poor advice to suggest to someone that they should replace a unit just because it is outside of a warranty period.
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you joined to reply to my comment I feel it fair to rebut.
the TV analogy is flawed, the TV does not change the power draw over time like adding a new GPU with twice the draw of the current. if you could swap out panels and you needed more power to drive it I would suggest replacing the panel and the PSU in the TV.
a stereo, likewise has a set power requirement and the AMP will not suddenly go from 100W to 300W without needing more power.

you go to the auto shop and they see the battery is low on fluid and crystals are forming, yet it still works, do you replace it now before failure or wait until your on a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere needing a new battery before you admit the battery is an issue and that failure was imminent?
preventative maintenance is all we are suggesting here, because we have seen it, read about it and helped others with this exact same concern. we have seen what happens when people cheap out, especially over a PSU to get 2 more cores or the next class GPU, and we have seen the many who learned through entire system replacement the PSU is not the place to skimp.

the warranty is an indicator of how long it will last from the people who designed it. is it exact? no. is it a good guidepost? yes.
there is a reason the EVGA 500B has a short warranty and the EVGA supernova G2 has a decade. its not marketing, its the quality and design of the unit.

how do you maintain a chemical reaction without replacing the chemicals? a capacitor is a chemical device and reactions therein are limited. you replace the unit and the chemical capacitors, which unless I missed something is exactly what we are suggesting and you are railing against. routine maintenance.

I only offer advice based on my experiences. feel free to disregard. call me insane. what have you.
Please do not tell others a PSU will last forever, that is insanity.

I work on windows 95 systems (assembly line automation controllers) still today and you know what, they have shiny new PSU's, that is the only reason the decades old computer still function. those old machines are nigh impossible to replace affordably and keeping them running is more important that an occasional PSU swap.
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Sep 4, 2014
Thanks for your all replys. Now I'm more confused than before.

Ok I understand that my PSU is 5 years old, now without warranty. It's need to replace it, ok I understand that too. Strange thing is that I've tryed to check other forums/websites with almost same question as mine.
There comments/answers were like:

"yeah, go ahead it's ok PSU for this GPU"
"yeah, it's enought for this GPU"
"yeah this PSU will handle this GPU like without problems"
"yeah this PSU comp. and enough for this config with this GPU"

and so on...

I understand that no one 100% knows exactly how it'll work, when you install it.
But some of you says like..."Replace it now or it'll burn in few days!". No no I didn't mean anything funny or bad, just sounds little bit strange/confused.

Ok, if i'll try to get Sapphire RX 5700 Pulse (non XT), do I still need to buy new PSU for this GPU?


"Replace it now or it'll burn in few days " I do not recall anyone being that specific. just re-read and no one says anything of the sort.
"poof goes the dragon" is the closest thing and that is not OCD or fear mongering it is the reality of aging power supplies.

I suggest caution. maybe to some an abundance of it, but not to me.
the 5700 will consume @ 70W (peaking at 202W) more than the r9 270X (sorry for the misread on the 280x). 5700 is @70W less than the XT but still more than your old card and that wattage difference is what is triggering my caution. you are going to ask an old power supply to increase the output at a time when its reliability is naturally dropping.

unless you drop in a card that consumes less than what you are removing I suggest a replacement on the PSU. I suggest replacement of ANY out of warranty PSU unit.


Would you put a new engine in your car and re-use the oil from the old engine, even though you had just replaced the oil a week before the engine died and the oil was "still fine"? Of course you wouldn't. Could you? Sure, you COULD. It doesn't mean it's a good idea AND in a pinch, if you were replacing your engine at a facility in the middle of the desert where there was no way for you to get fresh oil, it could probably work to get you where you need to go in order to get fresh oil.

This is absolutely the same thing.


Sep 4, 2014
Ok, as you said about replace...which new PSU you would recommend for new build?
What I found:

  1. PSU Antec HCG650 Gold EC, 650W, 80 PLUS® Gold, Modular, 10 Years Warranty
  2. PSU Antec Earthwatts EA650G Pro, 650W, 80 PLUS® Gold, 7 Years Warranty
  3. PSU Antec Earthwatts EA750G Pro, 750W, 80 PLUS® Gold, 7 Years Warranty
Or better something else? I live in EU.
and it MAY continue to work with the new card, but as has been stated they age. capacitors, relays, solder.
there is no reason why it shouldn't work apart from the age of the unit.
You could, your choice. the new card consumes less than the old but I would not risk fancy and new on old and unwarranted.
Agree overall, except, as a further caution: The RX 5700 XT is a 225W card, whereas the R9 270x is a 190W card. So, putting more demand on that old power supply.

EDIT: gah, I should've read through the whole thread instead of commenting in the midst of my reading...

EDIT 2: and, for @TMIlja - take a look at the link in my sig (it's the same one as in @Darkbreeze 's sig... the first post will give a lot of info about what to lean toward and what to avoid when getting a PSU.

The Antec High current gamer 750w and 850w units are very good and are specifically not the group regulated Seasonic platform, which came in 520w and 620w capacities There are however older and newer HCG models, so exact model number will likely be a factor if choosing one of these however both the older models and the newer models are good.

Antec Edge units are ok too, but reviews indicate that they have noisy fan profiles. I'd only choose this model if it is on sale or the aesthetics match up with your color scheme or design. Still a good power supply but maybe a little aggressive on the fan profile. This may have been cured on newer Edge models so reading professional tear down reviews is still the best idea. Probably these are not available anymore for most markets.

Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro units are very good also and are based on the Seasonic Focus platform.
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