Question Second Monitor Not Detected After Using Wireless Display

Mar 27, 2021
Hi, I have been using 2 monitors with my setup for years now, and just today I tried to use window 10's built in wireless display projection (since I have a Wifi-Capable motherboard) and it worked, but only on the monitor that is now seemingly undetected according to windows after I turned off the wireless projection feature.

Everything about my setup is the same and has been proven to work all before I decided to use that wireless display thing on my tv. I haven't touched a single thing hardware wise, either.
I had no windows updates or anything of the like done in the past few days, and even so- it clearly happened because of this feature, as when I turned it off and restarted my PC, screen isn't being detected. But it IS being detected on device manager for some reason. I even uninstalled the second detected 'Generic PnP Monitor' (my 2nd monitor) through the device manager and then restarted windows, but by the time I got to device manager, it was still there as if I never deleted it.



There are also no drivers to rollback to

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