Question should i replace my psu?

Jan 4, 2023
I've had this psu (CiT builder 600W) for a year and was wondering if I should replace it as its not a really known brand. The cable had problems which led to crashes but after replacing that's been working fine for now, I'm just worried that if it starts having problems again then it'll damage other parts. My system isn't very high end atm but i'll upgrade it soon in the future.
link to psu


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Heavy gaming use? Video editing?

It is important to know what power demands are (or may be) placed on the PSU.

Which "cable" had problems? Noted that the link indicates that the purchased/referenced PSU apparently does not include a power cable.

If so, what, where did you get the PSU power cable that was originally used? That original power cable could have been the problem.

My recommendation is to certainly keep an eye on things. No way to know if there is some catastrophic PSU failure pending.

Caveat being how much power the system may be demanding from the PSU during normal use and at times of power peaks.

However, a failing PSU often causes some initial errors and problems. Just gets worse over time. But certainly a warning.....

One thing: be sure( as you always should be doing) is to make regular backups.

At least 2 backup sets that are stored off of and away from the system. Ensure that the backups are both recoverable and readable.