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Speedy Gonzales

Nice case!

So I got the RGB fans, only to realize.... my motherboard doesn't have an RGB header.
So I'm stuck with the little controller that doesn't even let me pick a single color. Just different modes that change how the fans change from one color to the next and then speed of the transitions.

So right now I've just got them hooked up as PWM fans without the lighting and will be waiting to get the Cooler Master LED controller that connects via USB header for me to control the lighting with software.

unless somebody knows of a cheaper way to connect these fans to software that uses another method of connectivity that isn't an RGB header.



So Cooler Master doesn't bundle any way to control the fans via USB? That's interesting. I've used Corsair and NZXT fans controlled through RGB and they work fine.

Nope. The fans have three connectors on them, one is a 3pin for use with Gigabyte, the second is a 3pin for use with MSI, ASUS, etc. and the third is the 4pin PWM connector.

The little box they come with is just a simple stand alone controller that can control the lighting with limited functionality as I already described.

To be able to control the lighting via software I need a way to connect them to the system that allows me to do that through means other than an RGB header and so far the only thing I can find that isn't expensive AF is the Cooler Master RGB LED Fan Controller for $35. So I've just gotta wait a bit until I get paid then I can buy it and finally be able to control the lighting with software in order to get the exact style I want.

and since the RGB lighting on my motherboard is ASUS and the lighting on my Kraken is NZXT, I have to go with static lighting in order to get the same colors because nothing will sync together.

Really sucks that somebody hasn't created a universal controller hub that interfaces with all the different sync technologies so that no matter what RGB devices you have that plug in with headers (like strips and fans) you can control and synchronize using whichever software you prefer or in my case whichever software you are forced to use due to other RGB hardware you have in your system.

I know it wouldn't be impossible to make an interface hub that connects via PCIe that would allow whatever is connected to it to be recognized by software like AURA or AORUS since both ASUS and Gigabyte have GPU's that have lighting that is controlled by their software and interfaces using the PCIe slot (cuz you know.... it's a frickin GPU.)

Just frustrates me that we've had RGB stuff for so long now and it's flippin 2018 and we haven't been able to get anything that allows us end users to pick and choose the products we want based on aesthetics and/or price and availability and have it all sync together and be controlled via a singular piece of software using alternative means of connectivity when somebody doesn't have a motherboard with an RGB header. Would allow them to sell more product this way since it will open up the market to all those who don't have the money or didn't have the opportunity to get a board with RGB header and don't have or want to buy specific products by a specific company in order to connect them all using a specific hub made by them that is only operable with their own specific software.

.................................. sorry for the rant. I just needed to get it off my chest.
^ it's not just you mate. Atleast we got those ARGB stuff coming from all the companies. Hope that unifies the rgb to a sync instead of a puke...

@barty1884, does your evga 980ti SC got some leds in the side? Backlight for the evga or GeForce branding? And since the color scheme is black/white, consider a white led strip? That would make ur rig even more dang! Already loving the chromax swaps and the fan pairing. Looks good man! BTW, doesn't the 24pin have any cable combs? Weird that the pcie cables have them and the 24pin doesn't.

lol. yeah, but my rant wasn't about that.
My rant was about having an alternative method to using an RGB header on the motherboard for those of us with boards that don't have one. Like for instance, I have the ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming AURA and it has this RGB lighting on it that glows from behind the edge of the motherboard. And if I want to connect these fans to this board in a way that allows me to use software to control them, it's only by way of Cooler Master or NZXT HUE+ and that means I won't be able to sync them with the RGB on the board because I have to use those other two companies software instead of being able to use the AURA Sync software.

So my rant was about how while there is the whole RGB header thing with motherboards allowing for ARGB and full sync of different products, there hasn't been a damn thing made for those without an RGB header.
Got my Ryzen 2600/Asus B450 Strix & 16gb @3200mhz. Was initially going to go from a G5400 to a 9600K but for the money the 2600 was a better choice and I was able to sell my G5400/Z370/8gb @2666 to my friend for a study/minor gaming build.


Dark Lord of Tech

Speedy Gonzales

Nice and clean!!!!!!!



The SC does, yes. LEDs are white. Got the limited "RGB" functionality of the board set to just white too.

A white LED strip is a good idea, I'll add one soon.

Yeah, there's a cable comb for the 24pin, I just can't get the 24pin to curve the way I want & keep the cable comb on!
I ziptied the 24pin in the direction I want it, so hopefully it'll take shape in time, then I'll add the cable comb. Not ideal, but hopefully it'll work out in the long run.

I guess I've never paid particularly close attention to a 24pin before though..... should it be 12x2?
This one is not 12x2. A couple of them have a 3rd, thinner gauge cable and one of column is only a single cable?
I guess it would be more 2-3-2-1-2-2-2-2-2-3-2-1 (something like that, from memory - with the 3s and 1s being thinner gauge)...
Confirmed these cables are identical in layout to the stock G2 cables - and this is an EVGA replacement kit...... but the cable combs are third party, and appear to just want a simple 12x2 configuration.


Aug 30, 2007

Horry sheet! that cooler tho. havent built an amd in years, they still hot af? Build is nice and clean now with those cables.



So I'm getting home from work, today and I'm expecting an e-mail that my package is ready for pick up and the local FedEx facility. I was actually expecting it yesterday (Wednesday), but I didn't get notified. Get home today and STILL no notice. I'm like, "Humph! So where is it?"

Check FedEx Tracking...

Delivered to location on Tuesday. Ready for pickup!
Thanks for the heads up, FedEx!!!! :fou:

-Wolf sends

P.S. New card install planned for this weekend.

lol. wow, it looks much nicer than mine.
I don't even have custom cables, I just use whatever I already have for the system.

seriously, check out this awesome cable management job....
(click the thumbnail to be given a larger pic)

The Paladin

aha I wont show you my back side wirring ...lets just say they are tucked in... but in the last 6 months I went from


to this

then changed case, having a PSU with cable management is nice only needing 2 strands instead of stuck with it all makes it easy to do case cable management.


Saga Lout


Nice job but Mousemonkey would have signed your name with those cables :D He is the master - I've seen the photographs.

The Paladin

@Lucky, if you do right the first time, as in the last picture, its not bad, but in the first two basically have to pull everything (*wires*) out and refigure out where to run it, and that ostrog case wasn't great for that either. in the first example I think I pulled it for cleaning, decided to reroute wires, and 2 hours later I was done. in the last example, it was about 2 hours but I was build/route as you go. and that case is a lot easier to route wires.


Jun 13, 2013

So at first I wanted to do a white themed build so I ended up going x299 so I could use tomahawk arctic. I grabbed a 7800x.

But... Unfortunately this thing ran pretty warm. Even touching the ring voltage in the slightest would raise temps by a generous amount. I ended up deciding I wanted to just get a mainstream cpu. So, I ended up getting a z390 taichi ultimate and a 9900k.

I also replaced the waterblock on my swiftech drive x3 aio because the RGB lighting stopped working on it.

I also ordered a custom psu shroud since the view 71 didn't come with one :(. 2080ti also weaseled its way in to replace that 1080.

The only thing still bugging me is the gpu power cables. It's giving me OCD. I tried using a cable comb on them and I think it made it worse. It's all because that zotac card has the plugs upside down.



Nice build. As far as PCI-E power cables go and as said above, cable combs will fix that. Proof as well, click on spoiler to view:
My Skylake build before and after (full specs with pics in my sig):

My Haswell build before and after (full specs with pics in my sig):

Since i have CableMod SE-series power cables in use, cable combs are also from CableMod (specs). For your power cables, i can't say if CableMod cable combs would be compatible with your power cables as well.

Saga Lout


You could wrap in some candy twirl type paper in two or three colours.

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