Aug 2, 2005
Just so you all know, I recently purchased a Shuttle SN95G5 v3 939 socket with an Nforce3 Chipset. I also purchased an Athlon 64 Venice core processor. No where on the manufacturer's website is there any mention of incompatabilities with the two, and you would think it would be fine. After receiving the items, all I had was an expensive paperweight. Fans would turn on, but no posts. I tried several video cards, including a pci video card, and still nothing. Tried several versions of memory and still nothing. Reset and even reseated the Bios, still nothing. I call Shuttle support, and I got hung up on. I check the support message board and apparently the model I bought needs a BIOS revision to work with the Venice core, but I need to send the BIOS to Shuttle to receive the current one...all I need is an RMA. Four calls and Four hang ups later, I returned the Barebones. For all the reviews that Tom's has about how great Shuttle is, in my opinion, they suck ass!


Former Staff
All SFF cubes suck, that's why you should have built a narrow tower (around 5.5") with a handle, using the Foxconn NF4K8MC-ERS motherboard. You would have had a slimmer system that's easier to carry, with more expandability and easily replaceable parts.

And then if you had a problem with the board, you could put in any number of Micro ATX boards instead.

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