air tree

Nov 29, 2012
i am building my pc next month and i was looking to go sli at the last minute, so i have a ASUS P8Z77-V PRO and was wondering if it can sli asus gtx 680s TOP, also i have a 850W psu i think that will be enough but comment on it if its not, so yeah just wanted to see if my mobo is big enough to handle a huge card like the asus gtx 680 top in sli.


Just remember the Asus 680 DC2 is 3 slots. Its a mammoth of a card. I think on a Z77 board they'll be sandwiched together, although they'll still cool well and look really slick in a case.

On my board, two slot cards in CFX/SLI allow one slot of breathing room between the cards, with three slot cards there would be no room. From looking at images on your board, it'll be sandwiched. It should be fine with such good coolers though.

80 plus certified is a rating of efficiency, not really constant output which you should be looking at. OP, look at your PSU sticker and say how many amps are on the 12V rail. It might just be easier to tell us the brand of it too. If its Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, Rosewill and a few others you'll be fine.

darth pravus

Nov 9, 2012
I wouldn't agree with that.

I have my 2 slot 670 at 1250mhz and it has never broken 60 degrees and I've never noticed noise from it. Can't complain.

3 Slot's is huge if your doing SLI. That mean in most cases you won't have space for any more expansion cards.