Sli problem


Oct 15, 2008
ok here are my specs
CPU » AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0GHz blk edt oced to 3.9 ghz » Motherboard » Msi k9n2a sli platinum » Memory » G.SKILL 4GB 6400 at 4-4-4-12 » Hard drive » 2x WD 300g raptors in raid 0 » Graphics card » XFX 9800 GT clocked at 750/1850/2114 from 600/1800 » CPU Cooler » swifttech apex ultama » GPU Cooler » Ultra performance gpu cooler » PSU » Ultra 1000w psu

well i just got 1 more 9800gt i hooked it up sli but heres my problem i have 4gig of mem well when i hook sli upo it says i onley have 2 and i can not see the bios screen upon boot up when im running sli so everytime i need to change or do more overclocking i have to remove the new xfx9800gt when there is 2 gpus in the pcie slots i cant see the bios boot upscreen i need some help dont know how to fix it


Don't worry -- it's normal and there's nothing to fix. Your 32-bit version of Windows can only "see" 4GB of addresses in total. The memory on your graphics cards and (to a lesser extent) other system hardware use up a number of those addresses at boot-up, so the main system RAM can only have whatever is left. 2.x GB left with 2 graphics cards installed sounds about right.