Question Small, somewhat consistent lag spikes happen after a few hours of computer running

Oct 29, 2022

For a while now I've been experiencing small lag spikes (5 ~ 10 fps drops) that seem to happen every few seconds, however these lag spikes feel very massive (feels like it's dropping to 0) for a few milliseconds, and then it'll return back to regular fps until repeating the lag spikes. I originally thought that this was an issue with a game I was playing, however now I've noticed that it started happening in other games, as well as anywhere else. I've found that restarting my computer resolves this issue, but only temporarily (about an hour or so until the lag spikes return). I have absolutely no idea what could be causing this issue, I've tried updating my drivers but nothing has improved from doing so. I've also recently fully reset windows on my drive. It seems like a small issue, but it's driving me insane as to how consistent they occur. One thing I have noticed is that the fps that are dropped are not consistent at all, sometimes it may be 5, sometimes 10 and in worst cases 20 or so. Please note that none of my components are overclocked.

My specs:
  • GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 (FTW2)
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 5600G
  • RAM: 16gb (Ballistix DDR4)
  • Motherboard: ROG STRIX B550-A GAMING
  • PSU: EVGA 700 GD 700W 80+ Gold Power supply
  • SSD: MX500 500gb Crucial
What I've tried:
  • Updated bios version to the latest
  • Installed the latest drivers for any outdated drivers found
  • Fully reset my drives and cleaned installed Windows 11
  • Keeping track of temperatures; lag spikes occur even if the temperatures are low.
  • Lowering monitor refresh rates
  • Intelligent list standby Cleaner
  • RAM Changes

Any idea why this may be happening?

Here is a video of it happening (recorded on a browser that shows fps), in the clip you'll be able to notice the lag spike, how intense it is and how often it occurs. Do keep in note, whilst recording that clip I only had the browser open and discord, nothing else, however even with everything closed the lag spikes continue, and not just my browser.

Any help on this or any suggestions on what could potentially be the issue would be of much help.