Apr 9, 2004
OK - Has anyone seen Yoshi's Box from Tech TV? Well I would like to attempt a much scaled down version of this. I would like to mod my computer case and Add an SNES.

I plan on doing it in the top drive bay so I can cut a rectangular hole in the top for the cartridge insertion.

However, my problem is: I want to mount a KVM switch and plug the Video Out of the SNES and my computer into it in order so I can switch between the system and the SNES on my monitor. BUT, the output of the SNES is RCA, not 15 pin. I also believe it's of a completely different format. I'm using a Radeon 9700 pro, so it has SVideo and all that.

Can anyone think of a way to connect the Video Out of an SNES to a monitor in jack? Any converters or special things I can do?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Former Staff
You could input the video signal to a video card that has video in, then you wouldn't need a KVM switch.

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