Jan 17, 2012
As family members hog our internet bandwith, I need to set up some qos priorties i. make my pc highest priority :). However, I have been told that my router andmodem combo consisting of an airportextreme and technicolour modem, does not have a qos option. Is there any software out there for windows or mac, that will allow me to set bandwith priorities for each computer?

Does this software do what I want? http://www.paessler.com/qos_monitoring

Many thanks :D
You really can't do much from your end. It is seldom traffic being sent causing the problem it is traffic you receive from the internet that causes the issues. When you read the QoS part of the manuals the faulty theory they work on is that limiting outbound traffic will cause a ability to control the traffic inbound. It sorta does but not really.

The problem occurs if a packet arrives at the ISP and the link to your house is 100% used. It must drop that packet. Nothing you can do will ever recreate that data.

Most the QoS options try to causes errors and drop traffic after you receive it. It depends on the type of traffic if it works. Somethings like bittorrents it makes little difference.

There is no software you can load on the end devices that can do this. How does one device know if other are using the link or not. You could I guess limit the traffic to some arbitrary value like 200k but it would then be restricted even when there was bandwidth available.

Their is a similar feature in some router QoS implementation that you can hard limit the traffic but unless you set it very low compared to the bandwidth it does not solve anything.