Some more E7200 Goodness...

What's up Tom's?

Just wanted to ask for some opinions from members about my E7200 build.

Right now, it's running at 3.8GHz on 1.232V and stable, but it's idling at 40-44C and load temps reach as high as 74C. I know its thermal specifications are 74.1C, so I'm cutting it real close. It was worse when I set it to 1.35V to see if it was stable; under Orthos Real Temp said cores went all the way to 81C. Backing off to 1.28V, 4GHz was semi-stable (error after an hour) but the heat is still at 76C. Something is obviously not done right.

Considering that I'm an university student with limited cash, I really want to be able to take this to 4.0GHz without having to sell my kidney to buy a watercooling kit. What do you guys do to bring temps down without spending loads of cash?

E7200 3.8GHz 1.232V
DDR2-800 (Generic) RAM - Not a factor in temps, but will be replacing soon
320GB HDD - Again, not much of a factor in heat
8500GT 650/1280/480 - Passive. Has a PCI slot fan keeping it under 65C even under full load. Exhausts to the back.
Gigabyte EP35-DS3L F6a BIOS
Gigabyte cooler, from the Pentium D days
Arctic Cooling MX-2 Paste, might have overapplied.

OC Settings:
1.232 Vcore (Under Windows)
+0.1V RAM
+0.1 FSB
FSB400, 1600 Effective

A screenshot:

The computer, I apologize for the poor camera phone quality..

Thanks to all who read & reply! :D
So a newer heatsink eh...

Would a case fan help at all?

The 8500GT is actually sufficing for what I'm doing now, when prices come lower in Canada I will upgrade to a 4850.


Nov 16, 2007
+1 new heatsink. I run a e7200 at 3.8G. I had a thermaltake golden orb II. It ran cooler than that.

I just installed a Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer. now after 10 hours of prime95 cpu never exceeded 43c and the cores never exceeded 62c.

good resource for coolers:
you can get most of them on newegg. some free shipping.

for the bigger coolers, check clearance for the case and mobo parts.


Jun 18, 2008
lol 8500GT to a 4850... you will be blown away.

and wats with the "from the pentium D days" ... pentium d's aren't old. the e5200 is fairly recent... i have one in my latest build.