Sounds are playing through microphone

Aug 19, 2018
My friends noticed that they can hear my game sounds so I went and recorded my microphone and played a Youtube video at the same time, and it picked the video up.

The first thing I did was disabling Stereomix and unchecking "Listen to this Device" but it still didn't help.Then I tried plugging my headset from the backpanel to the frontpanel but it still didn't make a difference. In the back I tried using it with a splitter and in the front without. I tried updating all my drivers.I went to communications and I checked "Mute all other sounds". I tried using Voicemeeter but this all didn't help. And I also thought that my microphone was too sensitive and was picking the sounds coming from my headset so I tried putting something over my microphone to block the sounds but it still picked up the sounds perfectly

My headphones are the Razer Kraken Pro



Are you able to right-click the small speaker icon usually located in the lower right screen corner?

If so take a look at Record devices and Playback devices. Drill down through all of the windows, tabs, properties, and buttons.

And/or you can use "WIN" + "I" > Sound to access audio related functions/configuration settings.

Run any applicable troubleshooters that you find.