Apr 9, 2012
Hello everyone, I am putting together my new gaming build and just need a few more pieces. I was wondering if you guys thought it would be better to get 2 ssds or 1 big ssd than get what i was originally going to get which was


The reason i ask is im also planning on getting this 3tb external hdd

Just looking for some good advice on this. Thanks.


I just recently went though this, my budget was smaller though so I ended up with a 64GB SSD. I tried doing some test runs of playing a few games and booting and things on the HDD, with the SSD as a storage for specific applications/games, the SSD booting with a few applications and storage on the HDD, and also under an Intel SRT setup.

I found that the SRT setup was nearly identical to the pure SSD boot solution. It probably is slightly different if I had to benchmark it, but perceptually I couldn't really notice any difference.

The other main advantage of SRT is that you don't have to deal with manually moving things around on your drives, because the whole setup acts like one drive (since it technically is just the HDD).

What I would recommend is your boot drive is the 1TB HDD, with a 64GB SRT SSD for now, and see how you like it. It will generally boot as fast as an SSD, and any of your common stuff will move nearly as quick as the SSD by itself. If you still find you want to have specific things on an 'always on the SDD' type thing, get another one later when you find a good sale on a nice large one. Alternatively, if you really want to have two, buy one of them as a 64GB SRT drive, and the other for your boot and some programs and things.

That way your boot drive and common stuff is on your main drive anyway, and you have an SSD dedicated to specific things that you just want to always be fast no matter what.

Keep in mind that there are certain things that SRT isn't great for . . . for instance, I wouldn't SRT a drive that has your movie collection on it, but doesn't have any programs running off of it and that kind of thing.