Jun 27, 2010
My OS drive is a Corsair Force 128 GB:
based on the Sandforce controller and should be around 280 MB/s read & write.

I recently noticed slower system performance and decided to benchmark, then realized reads had dropped to 140 MB/s a year or so after OS installation. I had initially followed the guide posted here to enable AHCI & verify TRIM is enabled, then disable restore, indexing, defrag, page file and hibernation.

Following this I upgraded the SSD firmware from 1.0 to 2.0, then looked around for various methods of restoring performance. I followed a guide to secure erase the drive using Parted Magic and then did a fresh Win7 install. Following this reads bounced back up to 200 MB/s, but still not up to the 280 or so that I saw when the drive was new.

Any else that I can try to get the drive up to the intial speeds?

My first SSD is a Kingston drive that does not support TRIM, and still shows no signs of degradation despite being installed in my HTPC/server for a year or so now.