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    Question SFP+ 10 gig issue

    We have a TEG-30262 Trendnet switch - with 2 SFp+ 10 gig ports. We also have a quad-port Intel 10 gig adapter - Intel X710-DA4 NIC - on a Supermicro - Supermicro X12SPO-NTF- motherboard. We are running Windows 2019 server. We have two of the Intel ports plugged on the server plugged into...
  2. K

    Question Supermicro X11 - Noctua fans (NF-P12) are running at a constant and lower RPM than recommended ?

    Hello, I recently upgraded my fans to 2x Noctua NF-P12 intake (1300RPM) and 1x NF-P14s exhaust (1500RPM) for better noise reduction. Initially, the fan rotated at very high and low speeds making loud burst of noise. I searched online and looks like it has been a known issue. As suggested, I...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Tried to Replace SSD in Degraided Raid 1, now both drives "Offline Members"

    Thank you in advance for your help. I confess, I know only enough about computers to be dangerous! A friend of mine set up a SuperMicro server for me years ago. I use it for media and file storage. The setup is a Centos 7 OS installed across a 2-SSD drive Raid 1 array, and then I have 4 platter...
  4. newtonlaplace982

    [SOLVED] Supermicro Build does not POST, beep, or give video output

    I need some help with a system which refuses to POST, beep, or give any type of video output. I already tried various troubleshooting measures, which are summarized below. First of all, the system features the following components: Mainboard: Supermicro X11DPL-i (dual-socket board) CPU: 1x...
  5. aeoneternal

    [SOLVED] HBA makes computer not start ?

    Hello I'm at a stump. I have a LSI SAS9200-16e that connects my 45 JBOD enclosure to my server. Motherboard is a SUPERMICRO X8DTH-IF If the JBOD is turned OFF then the computer will start and get into windows but obviously then you don't have your hard drives from the enclosure. If the JBOD...
  6. jam500

    [SOLVED] "No Memory" error on boot ?

    Hi there I'm building a new system and am currently getting a "no memory" error on startup. I currently have 2133 ram from lenovo (, which after further reading I may need to have ecc memory for the system to boot is that correct...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Supermicro Homelab server PSU recommendation

    Hello, I've bough a SuperMicro dual CPU MoBo (X10 DRL-C) and two E5-2695 V3 and 2 x 64gb LRDIMM, the idea is build it under ATX case due Quiet & Space aspects. At this point I'm struggling with the PSU due the Power draw plus the EPS cable and PSU support. The idea is use as home lab for VMs...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Supermicro X10DAI and DDR4 RAM ?

    Hi everyone. Please tell me about the problem with the DDR4 RAM on the Supermicro X10SAE. I Installed 2 * E5-2603v4 and 216 GB Kingston 2Rx8 (KVR21E15D8 / 16). Added 2 * 16 GB Kingston 1Rx4 (KSM24RS4/16) - does not start the server ? I tried to put in DIMM A1-DIMM B1-DIMM C1 - DIMMD1 on one...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Settings are not visible in BIOS despite using AMIBCP to "Show" them

    I'm working with an old Supermicro X8DTH-iF board and a couple of L5640 CPUs (it's a very budget project). I'm trying to increase the performance of the CPUs through BIOS-level configurations, and I'm also researching BIOS mods to enable me to change the BCLK of the processors. However, before...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Building my first home server / NAS - please help with some guidance and suggestions!

    Hello, I recently bought a used supermicro system that came with C9X299-PGF motherboard. However, I'm now regretting that I didn't do enough research about the product. The motherboard only supports the Intel X series, and it is hard to find one that is reasonably priced. Further, Supermicro...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Only 8 Pcie lanes on intel 3420 chipset?!?!?!?

    I was looking to buy a Supermicro board like this for a highish speed hard drive based ZFS Z2 NAS with 10Gig networking. I wanted to put an lsi hba card in along with the NIC, but the ARK listing for the 3420 chipset...
  12. C

    Question Tesla k10 compatibility

    Looking for compatibility with a SuperMicro X8DTIF motherboard any and all help would be useful
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 installation error with NVME SSD and Supermicro Motherboard

    SSD: Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD - CT1000P1SSD8 Motherboard: Supermicro X10-DAi CPU: Intel Xeon E5 2698 v4 Here is what I found about configuration for windows 10 installation on supermicro motherboard I followed the...
  14. J

    Question Can I use Noctua's fans to replace Supermicro's fans?

    Hello. I have a Supermicro server, but it is too noisy. The fans it uses are 80mm 12V 3A 13k RPM. The server is not running at 100% all the time, so I plan to use the Noctua 80mm fans to replace the original Supermicro fans. What I concern is, Supermicro's fans are running at 12V 3A, while the...
  15. N

    [SOLVED] Graphics card problem with Supermicro x8dtu-f motherboard

    Hey guys, recently I decided to purchase a supermicro x8dtu-f motherboard on ebay. Everything so far has worked fine on it but I can never get the graphics card to work. Ive looked all over the bios for different settings but to no avail. I've been looking online with desperation to find a...
  16. J

    Question Motherboard power cable looks melted, not sure what to do next

    I’m building a server with a SuperMicro motherboard, 2 sticks of ECC ram, and a Xeon CPU. I just got all the components in, but when I turned it on, something wasn’t right. The BMC led was blinking green and normal, but the power led wasn’t on at all and the CPU fan wasn’t spinning. So I shut it...
  17. dmmass

    Question freenas problem

    So i want to install freenas on an old pc but i cant seem to install it. I've tried installing it on hdd and on an ssd (tested and working fine). The freenas image is on a cd becouse the board wont boot from usb. The strange thing that happens is the install steps start 1of 4 and the system...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] What is the slot for this PCIe riser?

    I found this riser on Supermicro ( , ) and I see that 1 slot is PCIe x4(?). But there is the other slot and I don't know what it is, so I was wondering if you could help me...
  19. P

    Question Which PCI-E slots for 2x GTX1080Ti (SuperMicro X11DPG-QT motherboard)?

    Hi all, I’m want to put two GTX1080Ti into SuperMicro 7049GP-TRT (SuperMicro X11DPG-QT motherboard with 6 PCI-E 3.0 x16). There are 4 PCI-E slots dedicated for GPUs; two assigned to CPU2 (slot 6 and 8) and two assigned to CPU1 (slot 2 and 4). Looking forward to your advice on how I should...
  20. L

    [SOLVED] Fan LED only lights up when cpu underload

    i have two red LED 120mm fans as exhaust at the top of my case, the one on the right stays brightly lit up all the time no problem, for some reason the one on the left only lights up when cpu is under load? it isn't a PWM fan it is just a cheap Game max one i got from ebay. i am using a splitter...
  21. P

    [SOLVED] How to clean a monitor without making any marks or damaging it ?

    Hello guys. I got this monitor (BenQ G2222HDL) from dad´s friend unfortunate without power cable and any other cables but im planning them to buy soon. I watched the monitor specs on internet and its kinda nice monitor. I would definitely use it as a second monitor. But the monitor is very dirty...
  22. E

    GPU usage 100% on most games causing streaming issues

    Hello everyone! I have some issues while trying to stream certain games on my PC. Currently I have a single PC setup and have been considering a dual PC setup but that's a conversation for later. Current PC build: CPU: i7-8700k GPU: 1080ti STRIX edition RAM: 16GB Kingston Hyper X PSU: 650 Watt...
  23. C

    Need help concerning my prebuilt pc

    Hello there I bought a acer 605-ub11 for gaming 3 years ago and had a gtx 970 put into it as well a cx750m power supply but the motherboard was left alone..I'm planning on getting a rosewill Thor v2 case as the acer is way too small to add really anything else my rig (the front USB ports and...
  24. L

    Asus Strix OC Gtx 1070 vs Nvidia Gigabyte Gtx 1070Ti Gaming

    Is there any difference between these two? If so, which one is better and by how far? Ty
  25. A

    M5A97 LE R2.0 with 24 GB

    I have two Kingston KVR16N11s8/4 4GB RAM and I want to add two Kingston KVR16N11/8 8GB RAM. Can I have problems with this configuration 2xKVR16N11s8/4 + 2 x KVR16N11/8 ? Which is the best setup for DIMMs at MOBO?
  26. A

    i can`t play games

    i can't play games with my new's lenovo thinkpad model 039A29 it's graphics card is around 1639 intel. it says update the driver you have?
  27. R

    [SOLVED] Upgrade my old laptop

    My laptop is old I mean really old. Let me add the specs. 2GB DDR3 RAM, Pentium dual-core processor (emerald lake I guess), 5400 rpm wd elements hard drive (I don't know but due to some reason it gets hot while I use). I am having trouble using chrome, vs code, atom etc but I want to upgrade...
  28. D

    DDR4 frequency gaming benchmarks

    Hello there, I'm looking for some gaming benchmarks regarding ddr4 frequencys from 2133 up to 4000 (or closer) and their impact on fps. As far as I've seen the diffrerence is noticeable on ryzen 7 but i have no data yet for Intel processors, also there seems to be diminishing returns above...
  29. Z

    which motherboard suits best for "geforce gtx 1050 ti 4gb " "

    Hi, i am using geforce gtx 1050 ti with Hp z230 tower but not getting better results in rendering, guide me which best suits for " geforce gtx 1050 ti" mother board with core i 7 gen processor
  30. ColopiX

    CPU not working like before.(Spectre/meltdown)

    Everything started when i swapped my motherboard for used ASUS P8Z77-V LE PLUS,i encountered many,many gpu was not running at full speed (pcie 3.0 x4/x8),my cpu was and ram speeds were increased (cpu shoud be 3200MHz but in bios was 3225MHz and ram 1600MHz default,but in bios...
  31. I

    EVGA 500B and Gigabyte GTX 960 2gb

    Hey I am looking to purchase a gigabyte gtx 960 2gb variant and I was wondering if the 500B power supply by EVGA would be sufficient to support this card. It says on the website that it requires a 400w or greater psu, but I don’t really understand the whole +12V continuous rail thing. Anyway I’d...
  32. B

    cant use mic

    im using a hyperx cloud 2 gaming headset on desktop windows 10 but I cant get the mic and sound to work at the same time I have tried usb and using a splitter but it doesn't work and Realtek audio is confusing af does anyone know how to fix this? im going insane trying to figure this out
  33. L

    Any idea how to find out what happened?

    I was working and my computer froze. I noticed a burning smell. When I tried to restart it would power on but there was no display and wouldn’t start to bios. The cpu led was on. I tried resetting cmos but that didn’t work. I looked at my cpu and didn’t see any noticible burn marks. Now I with...
  34. A

    Random freezes while gaming.

    So recently i've been getting random freezes while gaming. Everything is completely fine, no connection issues then it freezes for 2-3 seconds then plays normally for another 2-3 then freezes again for another 2-3. It then doesn't occur for 20-30mins again. I'm 99% sure this isn't a hardware...
  35. M

    What to upgrade to and when to do it?

    Hi guys. I see the hype around mining has gonna down a fair bit, and now that the RTX gpu series has been launched I guess the prices will fall a bit in the following weeks or months? So here is the question, how long will I have to wait till the gtx 10-series is at it's lowest? The reason...
  36. T

    Boot from VHD

    Possible stupid question time. I was planing on dual booting W8.1 alongside W10 for reasons. I read something about installing the secondary OS to a virtual disk and booting from that, then I started wondering if you could boot from a VHD and also access it from virtualbox. If this is possible...
  37. A

    MSI B350M Gaming Pro CPU Debug Light

    Hello! I have built a PC, though my MOBO has CPU Debug light on at all times, and I never get a signal on my monitor. I bought these parts in around December of 2017, so might be a bios problem? Could someone please help? I’ll write out the specs of it. - MSI B350M Gaming Pro - Ryzen 3 1300x -...
  38. M

    Boot loop + no display

    Hello, my problem is a bit complex but I hope I can solve it with your help. It started while I was gaming, the pc shut down itself and got stuck in restart loop. I fixed it by turning off and on the PSU. After logging in for 5-10 minutes however, it would shut down again. It continued to get...
  39. M

    Optane Boot and NVMe Storage in RAID?

    If I were to use an Optane SSD as a boot drive would I still be able to use M.2 NVMe SSD's in RAID for storage?
  40. M

    Can I run a GT 1030 & a GTX 650Ti Boost together?

    With a ASROCK 970M Pro3 Motherboard?