shell shocke

Jan 10, 2012
I just went and compared a 128g SSD and a 500g HDD the price different is so huge!! my 500g HDD is only like $84.99 and I hear in a a couple months prices will drop...and a SSD is like $150-200 (some have rebates). Now question is, would YOU buy it?...
SSDs are more expensive because the process of lithographing the silicon chips is more expensive than plating and assembling hard drives.

People are willing to pay the extra money for them because the perform so much better.

On a cost-per-byte basis, hard drives will continue to be much cheaper than SSDs for the foreseeable future. It doesn't matter whether you're buying today or a year from now, the decision is basically the same: buy a hard drive for bulk storage, but if you can afford it then buy an SSD for performance-critical files like the OS and your application programs.
From a productivity standpoint, SSD's are hard to justify. Using a dual boot box, I tallied the following boot time to Windows 7-64 desktop

Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB - 21.2 seconds
Vertex 3 Max IOPS - 15.6 seconds

So lets say in an office environment, if you get 5.6 extra seconds of productivity per day, over 3 years, you will save just over an hour of productivity over 3 years.....unless you paying your people $250 an hour, you won't see a return on your investment. But oif course, if the use ris off grabbing a cup of java while the machine boots, that savings doesn't accomplish anything.

Now lets say you firing up ya fav game and it takes 15 secs of an SSD and 22 secs off a HD.....if ya used to that SSD, that extra 7 secs will seem unbearable. But if you jumped up to get a bio outta the way, it really doesn't matter does it.

There are 3 justifiable reasons to buy an SSD:

-You have storage subsystem intensive apps that will show a real cash return on investment in a production environment.
-You like benchmarks
-You have no productive use of your time during the extra few seconds it takes when apps or OS load.

There are other reasons ..... kind alike buying a Porsche .... but it's real hard to justify the purchase cause it "gets ya to work faster". :)