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I have just tried to start my computer up and it will not go past a black screen, which say on the bottom of it; Press tab to show post, DEL to enter startup, ESC to enter boot menu. However I am unable to press any of these buttons as my keyboard or mouse is not working.

Please help kind regards
Hello hoppie;

Is this your computer?


Feb 22, 2012
I don't get that humor...picking on a newcomer for fun???

Hoppie...You have a piece of hardware not allowing the computer to fully boot...I would try my keyboard and mouse on another machine...if you don't have one ask to connect them to a friends machine just to see if they work...if one of them doesn't work, you know what's wrong...if they both have a problem with your machine and it gets a bit more difficult to diagnose. If they both COULD have a bad port for the mouse or keyboard on your machine...usually the bios has a setting that says For Post...Halt on ALL but Keyboard...meaning the machine will halt the boot if any error during POST occurs EXCEPT no response from the keyboard...since you can't get your mouse or keyboard to work....odds are either a port connector for one or the other is bad OR the Keyboard or mouse has failed.

The next step is to press TAB to show post...this will show how far the power on self test or POST is getting and if the post shows no errors...

If it turns out the keyboard and mouse AND their ports are good...then your system is halting after power on self test has completed but the machine has now halted the boot, this could be because your heatsink on your cpu has become dislodged and a thermal event is stopping the machine...Usually this causes an IMMEDIATE restart without user intervention...meaning it reboots by itself without you touching a button...however stranger things have happened...the fan on the cpu cooler could've stopped working still creating a halted boot...and your harddrive could be bad...but this usually results in this...error operating system is missing please insert your system disc and reboot...message and it's pretty obvious.

Try these troubleshooting steps and see what you can figure out...if all the hardware and ports are good....your harddrive, cd/dvd drives or ram OR motherboard has failed, but since you can't push a button to perform must find a way to press tab or esc or anything and get a result to trouble shoot further.

Usually trying your keyboard an mouse on another machine eliminates them and if you can't get a port to work with a KNOWN good kb or know it's motherboard related and odds are the motherboard is can check the pins for usb Or mouse and keyboard to make sure no bent or missing pins in the connector socket as well.

Post back here to let us know how it went.


It's humorous, but has a point.
If you call the mechanic to tell him that your car doesn't start, do you not tell him what type of car ?
Same concept + plus we're all nosey ( more humor :pt1cable: )