Steam, changing download locations


May 15, 2012
I got my new computer up and running. Ive got all the games Iwanted downloaded on one of my ssd's and now ive got games to download on my hdd and my other ssd. So I'm looking to change the download location twice. I am tech savy but I am still new at this. Ive seen a few different ways on the net but im not sure whats the most up to date and best for what I'm trying to do.


May 11, 2012
1st of all you made double threads which this could be a problem
2nd you cant change the default directory of Steam games.... you need to move Steam folder (yes all of it) to somewhere else, thats how i deal with low space in partitions :)


Apr 1, 2010
There is bizarrely no option to choose the download folder for particular games in Steam allowing you to split your installs over more than one drive, so you will have to do a workaround but thankfully it is quite easy by using symbolic links.

First, install Link Shell Extension then follow the below for each game.

Step 1 -- I copy the contents of the folder "c:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\plants vs zombies\" to a newly created folder on a separate drive "d:\steam\plants vs zombies\"

Step 2 -- Select the newly created folder d:\steam\plants vs zombies\ in Windows Explorer. Right click. Select "Pick Link Source".

Step 3 -- Navigate to your Steam Apps base folder- for me its c:\program files\steamapps\common\ - and Right click in empty space. Then select Drop As-->Symbolic Link.

Voila! Your Steamapps\common folder will have a directory called "plants vs zombies" which seems to contain all the necessary game files. Except the files are now actually stored on a separate drive/folder of your choosing!

Symbolic links also work for individual files, not just folders, which is handy for Source games where there are large .gcf files in the steamapps directory.