Stock Thermal Paste


Feb 7, 2009
So, I'm building a new computer and I am about to put in the CPU (q9400). I'm not planning to overclock, so I was just going to use the stock heatsink/fan. The heatsink has some thermal paste pre-applied, looks to be a decent amount. What my question is, mainly towards people who have done this themselves and/or are experienced, will this be enough? Is the stock thermal paste sufficient? I've read in other posts debating whether some thermal pastes are better then others, and that its all just thermal paste, but I'm still unsatisfied. Just looking for opinions.


Speaking just for me and the few systems I've built (not an overclocker), I haven't had any reason for using other than the pre-applied thermal paste. However, if you need to remove the HSF (for whatever reason) after it's initially been placed, then I would recommend cleaning off the CPU and HSF and applying new paste.

-Wolf sends
If you are not a hardcore gamer into serious overclocking, then the stock thermal paste is quite sufficient. You should not experience any problems. Don't worry! Be happy!

There are a variety of thermal compounds available for purchase. In technical reviews where they were actually tested there are some differences in performance. I have my own collection of compounds that I have experimented with. My results were similar to the test results. I have my own personal favorite but it would make no sense for you to try it unless you removed the heatsink for some reason and needed to reapply fresh thermal compound.


Jun 1, 2006
yes, the default paste should be plenty efficient, but ANY time you reinstall the HeatSinkFan on the CPU you should remove the old and reapply NEW paste. It is CHEAP and any aftermarket paste should actually decrease temps a degree or two..