STOP 0x7A and SeaTool found these errors


Jul 6, 2006

My one month old barebone system just crashed (BSOD):
STOP 0x0000007A (0xE2BEBD3C, 0xC000000E, ...)
win32k.sys address BF91FAD3 base at 8F800000 ...
Here is my system:
Asus P5LD2-VM DH
Pentium D-805
Memory 1 GB (two days ago added another 1 GB)
Onboard Audio and Video
Seagate 320GB SATA harddisk
3 partition: Primary-NTFS, Primary-HFS+, Logical-FAT32
O/S: WinXP and OSX, sharing data in FAT32

So ... I was running Thunderbird in WinXP, which I put its Global inbox in FAT32 (in purpose of sharing email data between O/S'es) .. Then, suddenly it crashed as above ...

I've done my homework for troubleshooting preparation as you may find below, and my question is:
- Do you think chkdsk could solve this problem?
- Since the file allocation structure "damage" is happen to my FAT32 partition, do you think there is any chance to save data?
- Do you think this error related with hardware problem (damaged disk or new memory)? If so, how can I check that?

Thank you so much in advance for kind comments and assistance.

Links I found from Dr.Google: (XP Pro Resource Kit) (how to locate and correct disk problems ) (new switch in chkdsk) (how to perform disk error checking) (common cause of this error)
File Structure Test Result:

Partition 1 (NTFS (83.8 GB) WinXP) Result: Failed with critical Errors

The following errors were found while scanning the volume:
- One or more errors were found in the index
- Other errors were found

NOTE: Any report of possible errors in the file system tests are for
informational purposes only. We suggest you should consider testing with
the official file system diagnostic utilities for your operating system.
Seagate is not able to assist with troubleshooting or reviewing
file system test results.

Partition 2 (FAT 32 (152.2 GB) FAT32 ) Result: Critical Error(s)
1 Critical Structure Error(s)
0 Non-Critical Structure Error(s)

Critical errors were found during the scan. These could be one or
more of the following:
- Invalid directory entry
- Invalid file or directory name
- Invalid file size
- Invalid file chain
- Cross-linked file chains
- Bad cluster value in file allocation table
- File allocation table mismatch
- BPB mismatch
- Invalid free space value

3232421 KBytes in 154602 files
39548 directories were found
1558669 KBytes in 963 deleted files
113 deleted directories were found


Jul 6, 2006
Ok .. got it guys .. thx to bro egwan for his support ..

mine solved by running HIren's boot cd, then run Norton Disk Doctor from there. unfortunately, NDD only recognize FAT32 partition. but in my case, its just sufficient, since this was causing the problem cause (seemingly).

so, after a reboot (winxp did run the chkdsk again) ... voilaa .. everythings back to normal ..

tq again ..