Apr 19, 2012
So I've been reading around, and I am kinda iffy if I want to get the Cooler Master Storm Scout PC case. I love its asthetic look and its red LED fans and just the case itself.

Problem is that I've read on newegg that there are numerous problems, one of them being that you can't put the side of the case back on once you've plugged in the power to the hard drives

Front Panel is extremely susceptible to eletrical shock
PCI snap- ins...snap easily apparently

I like this case damnit...

But it seems like I am going to have to choose something else..

Unless your a 1st hand user of the storm scout, I would like this to be a thread about cases that I can buy that are asthetically pleasing and functional for under $90

The only other case that looks evenly decently cool is the NXZT Tempest Evo case, but that case is just slightly out of my budget at $110....


Mar 26, 2011
i have this case, pretty sweet :)

u can put the side panel back on/off while the hdds are connected.. well i can :)
nothing has snapped off mine, though the top panel usb ports arnt that smooth when u put ur usb in but it still works fine.
i have a cpu 212+ in it (although it fits closeish to the ram, but still good, but you wont get another 120mm fan on the top part of the window panel, but u will fit one on the bottom window bit. and a gtx560 ti OC in in. one cd drive, lcd fan controller, usb3 hub and i even fit another fan under the cd drive.)

the only issue is that i brought a nzxt lcd fan controller 2 and the led switch doesnt work when the fans are plugged straight into the controller.

but otherwise its pretty cool.

feel free to ask me anything about it or if u need pics