Question Strange issue with the GPU ?

May 20, 2023
Hello now I have a problem that sometimes when I open my PC I get a black screen with a VGA light on the mobo and the GPU fans spin and do not stop ( in standard case it spins then stops)
but despite the black screen, I can hear that Windows already launched finely with my speakers I also managed to take a screenshot by Windows and that is what I got
it is a strange resolution

and to fix this every time I should only restart the PC to fix it and get displayed again why I am getting this problem

my PC is :
asus b450m pro s
rx 580
ryzen 5 2600
cooler master 600w elite v3
16 gb ram

edit: this black screen appears random that I can get it twice day or every weak

edit 2: i tried to:
  • Change monitor
  • Change cable
  • Clean ram socket and pcie
  • Change ram
  • Clean gpu
  • Update bios
  • Delete all driver and install them again
  • Clear cmos
May 20, 2023
any debug led stay on when this happens since you have mutiple pci-e slot did you try gpu in the other also try to run gpu with generic os driver removing gpu one from maker in system .
The only other things I can think of is to try a new motherboard battery, or try using one stick of ram at a time to make sure they are not the problem.
Ok now the problem happend again but this time i tried to link my phone with pc by amd link and boom the i got screen but the driver say that my gpu is 590 not 580 😂😂

I really dont know what is that
Edit: i restarted it and get it rx 580 again
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