Aug 18, 2002
My new build cannot completely boot and I'm stumped. My system is listed below MY RIG.

My Symptom:
The system goes through the normal BIOS boot and then hangs when it get to loading windows. When I try to boot in safe mode I see the drivers get loaded. It stops at MUP.sys on the display. I don't know if this is the last driver or the culprit. The LED on my EPOX mobo reads "FF". The system is just hung. It always hangs at the same place.

What I did:
Initially the system booted fine. I loaded windows on it (XP SP2) and everything looked good. I could not access the network, so I figured I had to load the drivers that came with the mobo. I went through the auto install on the driver disk. Once I did that and rebooted, I'm hung. Thinking this might be related to my video card, I pulled it out and booted it with a PCi video card - same result. I removed all the other cards and still I'm hung.

Any ideas??


Apr 1, 2004
Right click My Computer then click Properties > Hardware > Device Manager.
Expand the entry called Computer.

If the entry is 'Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC' you're all set. If it says 'Standard PC' the computer BIOS was not detected as being ACPI capable.


If your system doesn't show ACPI then you're going to have to do a reinstallation and follow the directions on the web page I linked to, paying particular attention to following instruction.

Once you drop the CD in the tray and fire up the computer to install XP, the first thing you'll see at the bottom of the screen is the option to press F6 if you need to install a SCSI or RAID controller. Don't press F6. Press F5 instead. This will take you to a separate menu of Hardware Abstraction Layer's ...